Oppo A74 5G Usage And Software

Oppo A74 5G Usage And Software – Android 11 is compatible with the ColorOS 11.1 launcher. This isn’t the latest version of 11.2 used on the Oppo Find X3 Pro but we don’t feel there are any features removed even though the price difference of the device is almost RM3000.

The 6GB of memory on offer may be a bit small but again it doesn’t feel like a loss if not too many apps are launched simultaneously. Usage feels smooth and fast because Color OS is optimized quite well. If your 90Hz screen feels unnecessary, you can switch to 60Hz mode to save more battery.

Oppo is not shy in providing a variety of additional features that are not provided on the native Android. Almost everything can be changed from the grid size of the app tray, the app tray itself, gestures, icons, animations, and more. It’s impossible to list the various additional features that Oppo comes with but the useful ones are Smart Sidebar for quick acronyms of apps, eliminating camera holes by placing the forehead on top of the screen, gestures to take screenshots and more.

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This year I had the opportunity to review the Oppo Find X3 Pro with the highest specifications (Snapdragon 888) and the Oppo A74 5G with much lower specifications. Although the processor performance gap of the two devices is large; but the experience of using Color OS is almost equivalent. Of course the Find X3 Pro is faster because the memory; and storage are faster but in 90% of situations using Facebook, Instagram, Chrome; and Twitter the experience is still equally smooth and equally does not cause any problems.

Color OS launchers are now more mature and robust even on their devices sold at affordable price tags. The issue of Oppo gadget previously there was a significant performance gap between the flagship and mid -range models. Because of the optimization that has been done, the old issue has not arisen; and this is the reason why Oppo is now the device with the highest sales in China; and the Southeast Asian region.