Oppo A74 5G Review Conclusion

Oppo A74 5G Review Conclusion – Oppo is putting effort to offer 5G gadget at an affordable price and they managed to do just that. The device still has a premium -looking and sleek finish in hand without any compromise of offering additional features. There’s still an audio jack, a fingerprint scanner, a battery big enough and a processor powerful enough to play the popular first.

The empty Snapdragon 480 may be from the 400 series but its performance is only slightly below the Snapdragon 690 (OnePlus Nord N10 5G) but better than the Snapdragon 678 (Redmi Note 10). In this review we said a lot that the A74 5G is a Nord N10 5G that is given a leather dressing and changed its processor only. So all the strengths of the Nord N10 5G are there on the A74 5G gadget but so are its shortcomings.


The downside is that the camera works well in good lighting situations but disappoints in night and macro modes. Perhaps it is better that only the main dual-camera device is offered in this segment if the direct macro mode is not satisfactory. This will reduce the cost of devices in the now increasingly competitive price segment.

At a price of RM1099, it is offered at a reasonable price for the package offered. Better performance than the Redmi Note 10 and the screen has a higher refresh rate. But in my personal opinion, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a better choice; because of the more powerful processor, more ergonomic fingerprint scanner and faster charging for an additional RM100 price only.

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Attractive design with beautiful finish
The 90hz screen makes the device feel fast.
The Snapdragon 480 is more powerful than expected.
Extremely satisfactory battery performance.
3.5mm audio jack


Charging is only 18W. Not as fast as VOOC on other Oppo devices.
Unsatisfactory night mode and macros.
Fingerprint scanners are less user -friendly left -handed.
Speaker mono.