OnePlus 8T Review Conclusion

OnePlus 8T Review Conclusion – The OnePlus 8T is the beginning of a big change in the OnePlus brand. Through this device, the OnePlus identity that we knew a long time ago began to disappear. It’s a device that tries to be an affordable flagship device, but at the same time still tries to be a premium device. This device we will recommend to those who are using OnePlus 7 and below, then it is worth it.

This is OnePlus’s offering for a device that is balanced between two degrees. Premium middle class and affordable flagship devices. It comes with a nice screen, an acceptable camera and crazy fast charging. But it’s now no longer for gadget enthusiasts or those who understand technology. Instead it is targeted for everyone.

For those looking for a device with fast updates, a mediocre camera, an ok battery, great performance and other brand-style designs but cheaper prices-this is the device for you. Competitors here are the Mi 10T Pro and S20 FE. OnePlus is unabashedly in between these two devices. It’s good enough, the price is cheap enough, but not enough value for authenticity.

Telephones And GPS

The phone call was very clear and no problem. It also supports Maxis VoLTE HD voice calling. Using mobile data is also great from signal search to downloading. It’s stable. The use of GPS is also excellent and excellent. Location is easy to lock, navigation no signal problems everything is fine.

It’s just, there’s a problem with the light sensor. Because it is built under the screen, when answering a phone call the screen does not go dark and is always lit. Indirectly makes the OnePlus gadget easy to warm up when answering a phone call.


Pretty 120Hz AMOLED screen.
Crazy fast charging system.
Fast updates and guaranteed to last a long time.
Android 11 is already built -in.
Flat and thin screen design.
The sale price is not so expensive.

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The camera is still like the OnePlus 7T.
Bored design and no identity.
Oxygen OS 11 uses a One UI -like design.
The battery does not last long.
Stereo speakers are not very nice.