OnePlus 8T Processing Capability

OnePlus 8T Processing Capability – The benchmark score is also just great. AnTuTu scored 583,788. It is a pretty high score and very good for a device with such specifications. The Don’t Kill My App score is 99% which proves no problem with the application running in the background. Finally Geekbench scores 5,839 for one core and 3118 for multi-core. Also an excellent score.

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The camera on this device does not have any special features that make it a device with a good camera. What OnePlus offers is just a significant software update. This is because the picture result is the same as what you see in the OnePlus 7T. There are a few updates in terms of night mode and portrait mode. But that’s it. From time immemorial, OnePlus devices have had fine camera capabilities and the video viewing capabilities are just great in terms of OIS and EIS but no really noticeable changes.

We took some photo samples and saw the results were just fine. Not that the quality is disappointing, on the contrary no changes that make the camera of this device special make us feel disappointed. Night mode is among the image results we love to see. It’s bright, trying hard to preserve details as well as trying to maintain a natural -looking color.

The result of the portrait photo looks more neat, no matter in dark or light conditions. It gives satisfactory results and a sense of happiness only. But ultra -wide -angle footage is already boring. Since 7 Pro, that’s just the result. In our opinion, OnePlus gadget needs to fix the distortion effect to be more tidy. The color is ok, but the distortion is just a little problematic.

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