OnePlus 7T Pro Performance

Preliminary OnePlus 7T Pro performance & daily assignments. Benchmark scores are for reference only. So what is displayed is sometimes not the same as the real-world performance that we as consumers experience. It is common knowledge that the Apple A13 Bionic processor chip is the most powerful. The benchmark score of this chip on AnTuTu is 470, 297 and on Geekbench 5 is 1335 for single core and 2953 for multi-core. But the Snapdragon 855+ used on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition got a score of 477008 in AnTuTu, 774 for single core and 2618 for multi-core in Geekbench 5.

Throughout the use of this OnePlus gadget, there is absolutely no problem of time lag when scrolling on the screen. This is thanks to the 90Hz high refresh rate screen and also the greatness of Oxygen OS 10. Every scroll and animation transition is absolutely no time lag. Opening the app, closing or switching is really smooth, fast and everything makes my heart happy.

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Although the RAM used is high i.e. up to 12GB, it still does not have good RAM management. There is already a RAM booster option, the RAM usage of this device reaches over 6GB even when the device is not in use and no terrible background apps are running. Thankfully 12GB of RAM, so there is 6GB left. Imagine if the RAM was only 8GB, there would definitely be a time lag problem. The device is also really great for multi-tasking purposes, opening two apps simultaneously or while watching a video while replying to a message-it’s great.

Below I include some more photo results from this OnePlus device. You can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of images from OnePlus. If you’re wondering, why is there a difference with the OnePlus 7 Pro when the camera specifications are the same – I’m not sure myself. OnePlus 7 Pro devices still do not have a macro mode, but OnePlus 7T devices do have a macro mode. So my conclusion here is, OnePlus uses software to enhance the camera’s prowess of the device.

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