OnePlus 7T Pro Design

Like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus 7T Pro design continues the use of a dual-curved screen. It’s not like the flat OnePlus 7T, which to me is more comfortable to use. Then, the dual-curve screen has no curves like the vivo NEX 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The curves are at a comfortable level and will not interfere with the user experience. The frame of this device is aluminum, and when in hand it is thick and pleasant to hold – although the device is slippery.

The design of the bezel is also balanced and very thin so that from one direction, the bezel is not visible at all. Despite not having a curve on the chin as if the iPhone X was up, OnePlus managed to thin its chin many times more than the iPhone.

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The 6.67-inch screen makes this device uncomfortable to use with just one hand. Yes, that’s right – this is not a big deal. This is because the majority of firecracker devices that are on the market right now have an equivalent size. I’m sure, the majority of users don’t care about this size and all can use the OnePlus gadget with two hands easily. But what about consumers who have small hands, like the girls out there? You have to choose the OnePlus 7T, as the OnePlus does not include the screen shrinking option as offered by Xiaomi or the iPhone with Reachability function.

The fingerprint scanning security system is the same as the OnePlus 7 Pro. This means, very fast. No other Android device I’ve used so far has the speed of unlocking like the OnePlus. Another alternative is face -based unlocking, which is also fast. But it is not very safe and will use a selfie camera. But not as fast as other Android devices, because selfie cameras are a pop-up type. But interesting, no matter the vertically or horizontally it can only recognize the face. Ehem, ehem… Apple.

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