OnePlus 7 Pro Battery

For the first time OnePlus includes a 4000mAh capacity in OnePlus 7 Pro battery in their device. For years OnePlus only used batteries in the 3000mAh range, finally there was a huge capacity. Most likely it’s because this great OnePlus screen requires a lot of power, so the large battery size is a smart move by OnePlus.

The battery life of this OnePlus 7 Pro is quite amazing. No problem for SOT for over 7 Hours, if the setting is FHD+ with 90Hz screen fresh rate. But if using QHD+ and 90Hz, the battery life will be around 3-4 hours only. Then if using the hidden setting will be below 3 Hours SOT.

Another option is, use adjustable settings that will determine everything automatically. But this setting will give a battery life of around 6 Hours SOT only. For fast charging, OnePlus uses Warp Charge 30W which can charge the device from 0% to 100% around 1 Hour to 1 Hour 15 Minutes only. Overall, the battery of this OnePlus 7 Pro is quite good.

The battery score is 9/10.

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The design of this OnePlus 7 Pro device looks like an original design. But if viewed more closely, the design of the front is similar to the Oppo Find X or even the Samsung Galaxy S10+ a little. Speaking of the screen, the front design of this device is very sexy and beautiful. Thin chin and almost practically no forehead. At the top, a stereo earpiece/speaker is included in the upper frame adjacent to the pop-up selfie camera. The back is very neat and beautiful.

The camera bulge is not so high, the overall gadget design is neat and premium. Comfortable in the hand and not so slippery. It’s just, even though the OnePlus has one variation with a matte and non -glossy finish – which is the unit I tested on this, it still traps serious fingerprint dirt. This color is the color of Nebula Blue. Other colors like Mirror Gray and Almond are mirror -like and glossy finish.

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