Nova 8 Night Mode

Nova 8 Night mode is one of the things that Huawei should improve on middle -class devices. If other devices can do it, what is Huawei’s reason? Although the noise effect is not very visible, but the post-process softens the picture result and makes the result not very good with a slight orange or sometimes too bluish color. What’s great is, the night mode of this device doesn’t just increase the brightness level.

The video recording of the Nova 8 device is still the same as it used to be. Any Huawei device in the same category will have not-so-good quality. The color profile is interesting, but if you look closely it has a slight snagging effect. Most interesting is, the video recording of this device’s selfie camera and its microphone are of high quality. So for use when working from home and teleconferencing sessions, this device is able to handle smoothly and great.

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A middle class gadget like this should already have a magnifier and stereo sound. Unfortunately, it only offers mono speakers. Yes, the quality is good – but if not balanced it’s a bit weird. Throughout my use, I used TWS alone a lot. One good thing about using a device without GMS is, a music streaming app that doesn’t require a license like DRM. Tidal, Apple Music, etc. can be used on the device very well.

One drawback that this device lacks other than stereo audio is the latest Hi Histen system from Huawei available on the MatePad 11. Harmony OS 2.0 on their tablet has support for spatial or surround audio mimicry no matter what audio accessory is used. If that feature is available on this device, it will definitely hook you all.

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