Note 10 Lite Review

Concluding this Galaxy Note 10 Lite review, there will definitely be a question – who is this device for? Is it worth it? Better to buy Galaxy Note 9 or Note 10 Lite?

Samsung Galaxy note Lite comes to this world, so that those who could not afford to buy a Galaxy Note device before – have a chance to buy one. It’s worth it, if you want the use of an S-Pen and a camera that’s close to the Galaxy Note 10. Between the Note 9 and Note 10 Lite, it depends on how the user uses it. If waterproof and wireless charging as well as premium building materials are what you want – the better the Note 9. But keep in mind, the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t support fast charging and to this day still runs One UI 1.0 Android Pie.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be sold on February 7 with a price tag of RM2299. Every user who pre-orders from 3/2 to 5/2, you will receive a pair of Galaxy Fit. The price of more than RM2000 for a device powered by obsolete chips and cheap building materials, is expensive. But, where are the other options? This is the only brand of Android gadget that offers good stylus support. So, this is the only option you can choose.


Like any other Samsung device, the Note 10 Lite also has face-based unlock support. It uses a selfie camera, and on this device it often fails and sometimes doesn’t work at all. Throughout my use, I more and more unlocked the device with the pin code only.

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Beautiful Super AMOLED screen, though no HDR
Acceptable S-Pen function
Supports 25W fast charging
Fine photography capabilities and Super Steady support on video


Has no IP68 protection support
No wireless charging support
Weak building materials
Very slow fingerprint scanner
Obsolete processing chip
The price is a little expensive

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