Navigation in P30 Pro

There are still three on -screen navigation in P30 Pro buttons, namely multi -tasking, home and back. The arrangement of the buttons can be change according to the user’s wishes. Even EMUI 9.1 allows up to four buttons to be place on the navigation tray. Android Pie -like gesture system is still not support. Instead Huawei’s gesture system is used and it is different from the one introduced by Google. There is also a Navigation Dock system like Assistive Touch on iOS. These multiple options give the user the freedom to control the device. We only regret no native Android Pie navigation system include as it is much more intuitive.

During the review period we did not experience any issues such as time lag or difficulty running the application. For those looking for a seamless device, the P30 Pro won’t disappoint.

However, there is a problem that we feel is a bit annoying with EMUI 9.1 that is carry away from EMUI 9.0 i.e. notifications are not display quickly. If the device is place on a table, no notification sound will be receive. When picked up suddenly all notifications will appear in a row. This is due to the relatively aggressive EMUI battery management system to extend the usage life of the device.

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Here are some interesting functions included on the Huawei P30 Pro.

App Twin – Uses two apps like WhatsApp simultaneously.

Dark Theme – Dark theme on the entire interface to reduce battery usage.

Digital Balance – An application that tracks gadget usage. Can be use to limit the time the device is use throughout the day for digital health.

Easy Projection – Desktop mode that is display on a larger screen wirelessly. Only supports Miracast devices so far. Wired Easy Projection support is still possible.

Gesture-Various things can be done using gestures such as capturing the screen by tapping the screen, launching two applications simultaneously by drawing a line on the screen and turning on the screen with a double-tap.

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