Infinix Hot 10S Interface Features

Infinix Hot 10S Interface Features – Admittedly, this is my first experience using an Infinix smartphone. Of course, my personal experience will be different with any party. The Infinix Hot 10S is powered by the latest Android 11 operating system. Along with it, it is built based on the XOS Dolphin 7.6 interface.

Its interface board presents a simple and well -functioning navigation process. It is, however, a little strange. Then, it also faces the problem of bloatware applications that are ready to download. In fact, it’s also a bit annoying because it often gives notifications. In addition, it also frequently displays advertisements.

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Even so, the additional functions included with it are still interesting:

Stylized Icons – An interface that integrates geometric elements from nature to create a neat icon experience.

Enhanced Reachability – Shrinks the screen display for easier one -handed use.

Xhide – A secret space to ‘hide’ various gadget applications so that no one can see them without consent.

Theft Alert – When activated, an alarm will sound if the earphones or cable are disconnect from the smartphone. It is a very useful feature in an effort to save a smartphone from theft. Furthermore, in the absence of oversight from any party.

Child Mode Allows users to set smartphone usage limits and customize the applications that children can use.

XClone (Dual Application) – Creates a clone application to help users log in to multiple accounts simultaneously. It supports various applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Photo Compressor – Photo size will be compress for more storage space saving – for example from MB to KB.

Video Assistant – A function that allows users to enjoy a better viewing experience. Through it, users can reject any interruption from incoming calls or messages automatically. Users can also record or take screenshots from video; play YouTube in the background or check messages through a floating window.