Huawei nova 8i Placements

Huawei nova 8i Placements – In the top of the device this device have a support for a face scanning system is also included. It is also capable of unlocking the device quickly. In fact, it can also be used in dark environments and various device positions – including landscapes. Even so, the process of unlocking in a dark environment actually made me feel uncomfortable. The reason is, the screen will be illuminated so as to cause the eyes to feel less comfortable to look at it.

There are no buttons, connection ports or holes available on the left side. Next, a 3.5mm audio jack is also included and it is placed on the top of the smart gadget. This is definitely good news for those who are still comfortable with the use of wired type earphones – just like myself. Finally the SIM tray is located at the top. It supports SIM card slot with support for Huawei NM card.

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Bottom of the Device

Not only that, a speaker and a USB-C connection port are also placed on the same part. The Huawei nova 8i only supports mono -based speakers. Its capabilities are seen as still enough to provide loud audio quality for the daily use of most users. Still, a few comments should I give about its position which results in it sometimes being accidentally closed; especially when held in landscape while watching videos or playing games. Also included is Bluetooth 5.0 support for easy connection to several other devices – such as the Huawei FreeBuds 4 which just launched a period of days.

Right Side of the Device

Next, there is a fingerprint scanner that also serves as a power button on the right side. Then, you can also find audio adjustable buttons on the same side. This position can be consider common for most smart devices in the market. This is why, I admit it’s not clumsy to use it even though I’m basically a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ user; where the power button and audio adjustment are on the left side.