Huawei Nova 8 Change

Existing Huawei users will be happy with this Huawei Nova 8 change, as it is very comfortable to use as well as convenient. The settings are not so confusing and more organized as well as with the icon design and good use of colors – it gives a soothing feeling.

Although the initial performance is not very smooth, the overall performance of this device is very good. Time lag problems only happen occasionally and it is standard for such a device. While there is no GMS, the device can be used as usual without any problems – if you can trust the favorite Petal Search app that sometimes displays results from suspicious sources.

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Best Thing

There are two things I love most about this device. First the use of Petal Maps is getting better; and there is little experience as if using a map from Apple. Although the name of the location is sometimes not very accurate; and some are misspelled, the intricate instructions in a voice; as if this robot is still able to show the right path.

The second is Celia which mean still with the Malay language. It can listen to my instructions well and quickly and do those instructions very accurately. With the Celia progressing, it’s no surprise that Huawei is ready to bring in more devices. Celia’s voice still needs to be fixed; as it reminds me of Siri’s voice of a bygone era – that of a robot trying to mimic humans.

Since this is a Huawei gadget, functions such as Smart Collaboration are also supported for fast connection and tethering between all their products. I’m currently using the Huawei FreeBuds 4i and MatePad 11 and believe it or not, I’m pretty excited about the way it tracks all the devices and accessories as well as how fast it connects. Oh yes, this article is also written on Huawei laptops; and the file drag and drop function is also very well supported.

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