Huawei Nova 7 5G Camera Quality

Huawei Nova 7 5G Camera Quality – 64MP (f/1.8) + 8MP (f/2.4) telephoto + 8MP (f/2.4) ultra wide angle + 2MP (f/2.4) macro and 32MP (f/2.2) selfie lens are the camera settings used on this device. It supports HDR picture recording, optical and even electrical stabilization and 30FPS 4K video recording. A quad-lens setting like this is in line with other competitor devices, only is the quality great enough to make this device the device of choice for many?

Turning to the main camera, there are four lenses to look at. Let me review one by one the quality of each lens. The main lens is 64MP and this mode is a separate mode and the automatic mode will process the image to 16MP size only. The tests I did showed good image results. Precise details, sharp and beautiful colors. Below is a 16MP sample that is processed automatically. To me it is a good result, you value yourself by looking at the sample below.

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Wide Angle

The next sample is the ultra wide angle, optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities. Also gives surprising results, because the post-process power on the Huawei gadget is quite terrible. Digital zoom, obviously the system tries to remove noise making the picture stay soft. Even so, the result is still satisfying because the zoom distance it is capable of is quite far. The color is also wonderfully preserved.

The macro camera capabilities of this Huawei device also dare I say is incredible. The colors and details are beautiful, precise and well preserved. What is disappointing with this device is the very poor night mode capability. I was a bit disappointed because, others were already great but the night mode it was too soft, a lot of noise and the details were missing.

Lastly is the video test. It seems up to this model, although it is capable of recording at high resolution. The background of the video still can’t provide good detail and continues to be exposed to light terribly. But in terms of stabilization and color it is actually satisfying. Successfully recorded audio is also excellent regardless of the selfie camera or the main camera.