Huawei Matepad (WiFi) Review Conclusion

Huawei Matepad (WiFi) Review Conclusion – What the author can conclude here, this device comes with an ample specs offering. Spacious display, large battery and a chip that is adequate for its functions. But alas, there is still one important thing missing from it which is no GMS. But, you said that is not a problem for you, maybe you can consider buying this Huawei MatePad at a price of RM1,399 per unit. Each purchase will come with additional keyboard accessories for free.


Comfortable for all day use, non -slip finish
Good processor in its class
Very satisfactory audio quality
Satisfactory battery life


No GMS support
10W charger is not included
Additional accessories – the keyboard is less comfortable to use in the long run


Typically, tablets do not focus on camera capabilities. However, Huawei gadget does not seem to ignore this part when it also loads the camera with its satisfactory capabilities for daily shooting. The camera configuration here is a combination of 8-Megapixel for the main lens and 8-Megapixel for the selfie camera. For function options, it comes with a number of interesting built -in modes including HDR, panorama, beauty function and so on. The video setting supports the highest 1080p@30fps recording on the rear and front cameras.

The author argues that the camera’s ability is seen to be able to provide interesting shooting performance, especially in situations with adequate lighting. The resulting image looks bright and sharp, with satisfactory color reflection. But unfortunately, the use at low lighting also produces a less satisfactory picture with the effect of noise perception is quite clear.


As promised, the author will touch a little on the quality of his audio. The tablet comes with four speakers placed on each corner of the device. These speakers are powered by the Harmon Kardon sound system – while providing good audio performance. The author had time to test it and found that the quality felt good. The sound that comes out is also satisfying with a fairly loud and loud voice level – seen as adequate enough for good hearing.

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The Huawei Matepad uses a 7,250mAh battery – the same capacity found on the previous Huawei MatePad Pro. According to the author, this battery is big enough for a tablet. Through it, it is able to provide a long time of use. Where, the authors found it was able to last around 2 days for moderate use. In contrast to all-day use, it is seen to be able to record a satisfactory Screen-on-Time (SoT) time-which is around 9 hours with full use. But unfortunately, this device only supports 10W charging, so the full charging process takes around 3 hours.