Huawei Matepad (WiFi) Design Quality

Huawei Matepad (WiFi) Design Quality – Next, the design. After researching, the authors found that Huawei uses a metal frame and back panel made of polycarbonate -based material. However, it did not feel cheap at all. The matte finish used also gives an attractive appearance. It’s just a pity, it’s seen so easily trapping fingerprint dirt.

To the naked eye, the size here is indeed large. However, this tablet gadget is still comfortable to hold. Coupled with the tablet’s pretty neat build structure makes it look really premium. Admittedly, the writer loves his design – it’s not too heavy, making it easier for the writer to hold on to for a long time.

Speaking of standard button layouts, they are all housed in areas that are easy to reach. On the right side, you will find voice -adjustable buttons and four high -quality microphone holes. You will find the power button on the top side of the device along with two speakers. Meanwhile, on the left side there is a slot for a microSD card tray – kindly remember, this tested model is a wifi -only version.

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Also visible, the two speakers on the bottom and the connection use here are USB-C-based ports. All four of these speakers are tune by Harman Kardon support-their performance is to be satisfactory with a loud sound. The author will comment further on it in the audio section. In Malaysia, Huawei Matepad is only offered in one color option, which is Midnight Gray.

For information, this tablet also supports various additional accessories such as a keyboard that can also serve as a protective frame and also support M-Pencil. Admittedly not responding to his keyboard satisfactorily. Nevertheless, the author faced a bit of trouble getting use to this keyboard at first. Don’t know why, the author is less comfortable with this keyboard.