Huawei MateBook 14s Performance

A few weeks into my use of this laptop, I can say that in terms of Huawei MateBook 14s performance, it was a bit surprising how Huawei managed to fit an Intel H-series processing chip into the frame of this thin and lightweight laptop, which would normally be loaded with a U-series processing chip , for Ultrabook class laptops.

For example, I have a bad habit of opening a lot of tabs on my web browser (20-30 typically) and with a combination of 16GB of memory and even sleeping tabs on the Microsoft Edge web browser, I can browse all of these websites without time lag issues.

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In the meantime, the FullView display of this laptop also I dare say is among; the most beautiful screen displays on a laptop in this class I have ever used. The combination of LTPS-LCD display; and 400 nit brightness value; in addition to 178 degree viewing angle allows users to not only utilize this display for various work purposes; but also enjoy various video entertainment content, whether on YouTube, Netflix and so on.

If you have a Huawei tablet such as the latest Huawei MatePad, you can also take advantage of File Sharing and Screen Sharing functions and connect the tablet via Bluetooth or cable to send files from one device to another, or use the tablet as a way to add displays. laptops quickly and easily.

Personally, I use the screen -sharing function every day with the MatePad tablet in the office; to make it easier for me to read and write daily news without having to switch tabs. In terms of productivity, it has to some extent increased my work productivity; and I will definitely feel a bit sad; when these two products have to be returned later.

In terms of battery life, based on my gadget usage, (screen brightness 50 percent, WiFi installed), I can use this laptop for around 5-6 hours, depending on usage patterns which include updating the Amanz website with news, listening to songs via Spotify and limited YouTube and Netflix views.

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