Huawei Mate 40 Pro Specifications

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Specifications – Going back to the dual curved screen used, it makes the device look stylish. But in fact function is more important than style. The sides of the device are prone to impact in the event of a fall and at the same time are extremely slippery. The plastic frame provided is still not enough to provide adequate protection as most of the sides are still exposed.

Last year the reason given was to provide a fully adjustable touch audio feature which I would say is not user friendly at all. This year complaints were heard and a physical voice -adjustable button was included on the right side. Physical buttons are much more responsive without having to double-tap first to display them on the screen. For those who prefer a touch adjustable voice system, you don’t have to worry as it is still included especially on those who are left -handed.

One of the earliest comments I saw on Amanz about this device was the use of an oval camera hole that was said to be too large. In fact, the Mate 40 Pro’s camera hole is smaller than the P40 Pro+. At the same time Huawei maintains the 3D face scanning system used since the Mate 20 Pro. Unlocking in the dark can be done without any problems and can also be done when the device is in a horizontal position.

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Praise is give to Huawei because this Face ID -like scanning system is support without including a large screen notch. Apple is proud of its smaller iPhone 12 notch this year. Huawei went one step further by not needing a notch without losing the face unlock function.

For the second year I would like to ask Apple; what are their reasons for keeping a big notch on the iPhone? The same question also wants me to ask why Face ID still doesn’t work when the device is horizontal. It can be done on iPad Pro and Huawei devices. No reasonable excuse has give to date.

The big issue last year also lay in the under -screen earbuds of the piezoelectric type that made phone calls sound less clear. This year a physical speaker is place on the top bezel as find on the Note20 Ultra. As a result call quality is ultimately in line with its status as a flagship gadget. VoLTE calls for example are very clear like talking to the person in front of you.