Huawei Mate 40 Pro Camera Quality

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Camera Quality – Only tri-camera systems are use with laser focusing. No additional 3D ToF sensor has so far been use for focusing as well as producing bokeh special effects. The interface of the camera app is very easy to understand with clear options on the right side for various modes and on the right side there are flash settings, artificial intelligence and links to settings.

With this camera configuration, the Huawei gadget supports optical zoom up to 5X, disappearance up to 10X, and digital up to 50X with OIS support. There is a Master AI artificial intelligence system that optimizes most camera settings according to the situation. Leica lenses are still used to continue collaboration between companies since the Huawei P9.

Among the interesting features included are monochrome, portrait, macro, Dual View, ultra-high resolution photos, night mode and Light Painting. For those who are proficient in using the camera, the Pro mode is accessible with various parameters that can be change at will.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality is good with the production of vivid colors although not as accurate as the real situation. The resulting image is sharp with a fast focusing system without any problems. Heating problems were not experience even after taking many pictures in a row. The night mode is also as expected to be good with low noise and the resulting image looks bright. Overall the Mate 40 Pro continues Huawei’s tradition in highly satisfying photographic capabilities.

Video recording is also good with a stabilization system that is able to reduce vibration when walking for example. But it’s not as good as video recording of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. When the video stabilization system is activate, its movements appear too mechanical to look natural. Even so it is still good when compared to the majority of other devices on the market just not the best in its class.