Honor 9S Review Conclusion

Honor 9S Review Conclusion – In conclusion, this smart device comes with a good build along with basic functions that are seen to be adequate for our daily use. However, it is not designed for users who want a powerful smart device. On the other hand, it is more suitable for those who just want the device for basic use such as WhatsApp usage, playing Youtube content, updates on social media like Facebook and so on.

Making it a gift for children also feels quite appropriate. In addition, virtual learning today requires the use of smart gadget to help them complete their learning tasks. Or maybe, you want to have it for your own use. As the author said at the beginning of the article, it is also suitable as a second smart device. For those who are interested, Honor 9S is priced at RM359 and you can get it through a number of different channels including Honor Online Store or their authorized distributors throughout Malaysia.

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Battery Life

In terms of its battery life capability, it offers Screen-on-Time (SoT) readings of around 4-5 hours (manual count) with the use of the screen installed throughout the day. It is seen that the battery life is arguably satisfactory for a smart device equipped with a battery of around 3,000mAh. For recharging, you can use the micro-USB port connection on the bottom of the device. We can also see here the charging port connection is also a bit lagging. While a number of other entry-level devices are seen to have used a USB-C port connection.

Next, no fast charging is included, instead it only uses standard 10W charging. In the opinion of the authors, fast charging support should be included on all devices produced by 2020 – including entry -level devices. But, perhaps due to the low selling price factor, therefore there are some features that have to be sacrificed.

It is not until the occurrence of a problem that causes disruption to the use of the device. In terms of game performance, it is seen to give a smooth performance. But provided it should be played on basic graphics settings only. Some apps also need to be turned off first to allow you to play first with consistent performance. Overall, if you are more focused on the hardcore first. This device may not be the answer, but it still doesn’t disappoint to tackle a number of other intensive tasks. Besides, the first play is just for fun.