Honor 9S Brief Review

Honor 9S Brief Review – Having more than one smart device at a time is not a new thing. In fact, it can be said that many of us are like that. So, are you also looking for a smart device that is suitable as a second phone? But, at the same time want to save?

You are on the right track, keep reading this review article because the author has something to share with you all. Almaklumlah, at a time when the world is hit by the Covid-19 epidemic which has caused the outbreak of PKPB in some areas, we need to adopt a frugal attitude, especially in spending. Suppose, feel interested and suitable for your use. This device can be purchased because it is already on the market now.

Well, the model to be reviewed by the author in this article is the Honor 9S. A state -of -the -art entry -level smart gadget from Honor that sells for just under RM400. Cheap isn’t it? Not only is the price cheap, even the specifications on the device can be said to be adequate in its own class. But, if you can, don’t expect more because you get what you pay for. So, you want to know what is offered on this smart device? How does it perform in the real world? Continue reading this article until the conclusion section of this article.

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Switch to design. His body here is only small and also thin with only 8.35mm. The first time holding this device, the author has to admit it feels quite comfortable in the hand. Besides, it is easy to put in a pocket or carry anywhere. It is seen featuring a plastic -based back, along with a glossy matte design.