Honor 50 Size

To us, it does not pose any problem in terms of Honor 50 size because it is big enough and able to provide a good experience. The user experience is also satisfactory with the 120Hz screen which feels good enough in making the device feel fast enough. In fact, the scrolling process is also smooth and most applications as well as anismic transitions are also able to operate well.

One more thing, the device also supports HDR standards for YouTube content and comes with Widevine L1 authentication. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ can be downloaded without any problems due to the availability of GMS. However, the issue we encountered was that the Netflix app could not play HD and HDR quality video content. Instead, it is limited to SD only.

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This situation also occurs possibly because Honor has yet to partner with Netflix for this support. However, we kindly remind you this situation occurs on our review unit. There may be updates in the future or it may not even happen on future marketed gadget.

Next, a curved type screen becomes Honor’s choice. It allows the device to look as if it has a thin bezel on the left and right sides. Not only that, the bezel on the chin and forehead is also nice and thin to create a balanced situation. What’s less pleasant, though, is the issue of video overflow going on here, making the experience of watching videos in full screen mode a bit annoying.

In addition, another function that is also included is a fingerprint scanner system built into the screen. Praise is given for his ability to function well along with the right response. In addition, the unlock time rate offered is also at a satisfactory level. However, you need to keep your fingers clean and dry. Alternatively, settings for the face scanning system are also provided.

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