GPS in Xiaomi 11T Pro

Telephones and GPS in Xiaomi 11T Pro. Using this device for long -term phone call sessions is a little less comfortable, as this device is a bit heavy. But the call quality is quite clear, loud and no noise effect. Not to forget also this device supports VoLTE on the Maxis network I use. Mobile data usage is also not a problem and is quite stable. Usually affordable flagship devices from Xiaomi have network issues – but that issue is not present on these devices.

Although the device supports 5G, it is highly recommended to turn off and use the 4G setting only. 5G cannot even be used in Malaysia. If on other Xiaomi 5G devices I would encourage 5G life for it to pull the line better, the 11T Pro is already quite stable and turning off 5G will save more battery.

GPS is also not a problem. While I use Google Maps to find directions to the office, there is no problem from locking in the location and the ins and outs are accurate and fast.

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The tri-camera configuration with the offer of multiple videography modes is indeed confusing. But if you look at the demonstration that Xiaomi showed during the launch it all used additional equipment which is indeed beyond the means of those who will buy this device. Xiaomi uses additional tools or camera accessories because this Xiaomi gadget does not have OIS.

Without OIS and relying on EIS alone there is a shortage for video recording or taking pictures at night or when using night mode. In the viewfinder the camera app will definitely sway and will make the user feel annoyed.

The video footage had a bit of an inconsistent white balance problem as well as a focus problem that blink focused on myself and blink focused on the background. Obviously here using auto mode is not recommend and Cinemagic’s capability is for filters, an additional mode built into the camera app.

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