Google Pixel 4 Speakers

So, the quality of the Google Pixel 4 speakers is not as great as the Pixel 2 or 3. But, the audio produced is still satisfactory. It has a pretty deep bass rumble, pretty bright vocals and still provides an immersive listening experience. But, if I compare it to my iPhone XS – I prefer the iPhone speakers. If compared to the OnePlus 7T or 7T Pro, I would choose the Pixel because the quality produced on me is better.

Pixel 4 like Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, no more audio jack ports. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 I can accept because Google included an audio jack adapter. But on the Pixel 4, the adapter has to be purchased separately. More annoying, only adapters with Made for Google recognition can be used and the price is expensive. There are only third-party accessories, however need to find one that has a DAC and uses a recognized USB-C connection.

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Preliminary Performance & Daily Assignments

Since the Pixel 3 again, I haven’t played the first on a Pixel gadget. Because this device is not made for gaming. Instead it is for lifestyle, work and leisure use. It is a premium device created for casual use. The performance of daily tasks is very smooth and satisfactory.

Scroll from each section fast, 90Hz indeed makes a difference and the use of multi-tasks such as opening two applications simultaneously is quite fast. I use this device a lot as a media and reading device. But, that doesn’t mean this device can’t play permu. It’s just that in my opinion, it doesn’t fit. First, the sleek design makes this device uncomfortable to hold if playing first.

The benchmark score is fine. But in the AnTuTu list, this Google Pixel 4 is in 17th place. Beaten by devices like the Black Shark 2, Mi 9, Mi 9T Pro, Realme X2 Pro, OnePlus 7T and more. The Geekebnch score of 5 is also mediocre. But, I still hold on to my stance. Benchmark scores are mere numbers and usage in the real world is real performance that users have to feel for themselves.

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