Google Pixel 4 Features

Google Pixel 4 features have now playing mode which is a mode of always listening to music around the user. With this function, it will display what music and users can directly open and listen through YouTube Music, YouTube or directly add in YouTube Music playlist. More interestingly, in the latest update all the music heard by this function – it will display in a history list.

If that’s what you find less appealing, Now Playing can also work without an Internet connection. This function also helps me when I’m outside, like in a restaurant and I’m interested in the music that’s being played – but not the year of who the singer is or the title of the song.

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Active Edge

This is a function that mimics that of HTC. HTC has introduced this functionality in concept devices, before realizing it to the HTC U11. For Pixel devices, it was first introduced on the Pixel 2 and continues to this day. This function is very helpful for users like me who often use Google Assistant, but do not want to disturb others around by frequently saying “Hey, Google”. It also has no haptic response to provide a more satisfactory user experience.

Google is actually dizzy. They produced this Active Edge for the situation as I described. But in Pixel 4 and Android 10, there are already simple gesture controls to access Google Assistant. That is, scroll from the bottom corner of the screen upwards and Google Assistant will continue to be ready to listen to user instructions. Haishh… Google, Google.

Haptic engine

Google states that the haptic engine used is sharp and textured. I’m less clear on that, but throughout the use of this device it’s the Android gadget that has the most compelling haptic response. It feels real and alive and so satisfying. Google seems to have successfully mimicked Apple’s haptic engine.

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