Galaxy Z Flip3 Screen

I want to touch a little bit on the Galaxy Z Flip3 screen. It is interesting that various widgets and applications can be controlled using it but it cannot be used to directly reply to messages. If a WhatsApp message is received for example, you can read it but to reply the screen still needs to be opened. This is the most notable shortcoming as this feature has been supported on the Motorola RAZR since last year again.

The easier feeling of hunting down enemies with the fingers is no longer the cause of the enemy disappearing from view.

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There are no surprises in direct use. Everything worked as expected. Samsung includes a variety of additional features such as control of SmartThings-connected devices directly from the notification tray, launching two apps with different account logs, locking apps with a biometric system and a mode for kids. In short what you can enjoy on the Galaxy S21 Ultra can also be enjoyed on the Z Flip3. There is no caste difference between these two flagship devices except there is no S Pen and Flex Mode stylus support that is exclusive to Samsung’s foldable gadget at the moment.

Scrolling feels smooth because of the 120Hz screen used. When running the finger on the middle part of the screen; can still be felt the drain that exists in the middle. It’s no longer scary for me having already reviewed all the foldable devices marketed before.

So is there a difference using a foldable screen phone? Actually none and this is what should be the case for devices with the Z Flip3 form factor. It’s just a candbybar phone that can be folded to have a smaller size. No awkwardness except having to get used to a higher -than -usual screen.

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