Galaxy Z Flip3 Design

This year’s Galaxy Z Flip3 design is flatter, compact, thinner and more durable. With a flat side holding the device feels more palatable and safe in the hand. The larger surface area in contact with the skin is matched by the non -glossy finish making the device not feel slippery in the hand. Even if it falls, Samsung says the Aluminum Armor technology used is more accurate.

I didn’t try for myself whether this was true or not because the Samsung gadget used was a loan unit. All I can say is that after a week in the pocket, placed on the table and use without a frame (no free frame in this year’s box) the outer surface of the Z Flip3 still has no scratch marks.

Changes were also made to the smaller folding hinges to allow the device to be thinner in the closed position. But an important change in my opinion is the IPX8 waterproof durability given this year. Thanks to the divine for the most obvious shortcomings of the foldable device solved Samsung. I was pretty scared of using the Z Flip last year faucet in Malaysia whenever it could rain. It is quite unfortunate if the rain also suddenly causes the Z Flip which is sold at RM5888 to be damaged due to water entering.

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The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side. A physical fingerprint scanner is also place on the power button. The scanning process is very fast comparable to the facial recognition system that is also still include. Speaking of facial recognition system it only works in good lighting situations as no infrared camera is included.

Users can switch to video or picture mode by scrolling the screen left or right. Wide -angle lenses can be change by scrolling up and down. I will discuss the use of cameras in more depth in the camera segment below later.

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