Galaxy Z Flip3 Battery

The 3300 mAh Galaxy Z Flip3 battery is matched to a 6.7 ″ 120Hz screen. On paper this is a very troubling combination and it is manifested to a disappointing real world performance. In normal use I was only able to get SOT up to 6.5 hours only with the device lasting for 19 hours. A longer usage life of around 31 hours can be enjoyed but with SOT around 4 hours only. The most notable drawback of the Z Flip3 is the same battery as happened on the Z Flip 5G last year.

The supported charging system is only 15W which takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. This is a slower charging time; than the 80 minutes that the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a 5000 mAh battery can do. The use of last year’s camera system I can forgive; but the small battery size with slow charging by 2021 standards is disappointing

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is this year’s most affordable foldable screen device with prices starting from RM3999 which is 32% cheaper than last year’s Z Flip (RM5888) selling price and only slightly more expensive than the Galaxy S21 (RM3699) launched yesterday Last January.

With a relatively cheaper price than other flagship gadget more conventional designs, I feel the Z Flip3 is the long-awaited foldable device. Not too expensive, has the same performance as a conventional device and has a design that is sure to impress.

Samsung proved that devices with such a design can be offered at a more reasonable price. After this, cheaper devices will definitely appear on the market because this is what happened before. The Z Flip3 is a device that I feel has finally started a revolution in the use of foldable devices.


There are no real competitors to the Z Flip3 but I feel the Sony Xperia 5 III; and iPhone 12 Mini are compatible as all three are compact in size; equipped with a 12MP camera and have a relatively small battery capacity.

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