Galaxy Tab A8 Offering

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 offering at an affordable price for its functionality. It features an 8-inch Full HD screen display, an eight-core 14nm chip, Android 9.0 Pie operating system. But what makes it even more appealing, it offers Dolby Atmos support for listening through earphones, comes with LTE support, and includes a built-in S-Pen offering.

Just before you buy this Samsung gadget, its screen display looks less than satisfactory, as it presents a slightly limited degree of viewing. It also has a bit of a micro time lag issue when you do a number of things on the Samsung One UI interface. This may be due to the low supply of RAM which is only 3GB of RAM. Aside from performance, it includes a face scan function, however its Samsung performance is seen to be a bit slow when trying to unlock the device.


Offers a balanced design and comfortable in the hand.
Comes with Full HD resolution.
Comes with Dolby Atmos support when the device is connected to an audio accessory.
Features loud mono speakers.
Supports Widevine L1 for HD viewing on streaming services such as on Netflix.
Excellent S-Pen support for sketch use.
Comes with long battery life through a capacity of 4200 mAh.
Offers USB-C connection.
Carries a sim slot for call support and LTE.
Comes with GPS capability.
Features microSD card support for additional external storage.
Generated with Android 9.0 Pie with Samsung One UI 1.0 interface.

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The degree of screen view is unsatisfactory.
Daily performance there is a slight micro time delay.
The memory offers only 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.
Face scan performance is rather slow.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 ″ (2019) has been offered at an affordable price of RM1099 for the LTE and S-Pen variations. It is aimed at all groups of users-especially those who focus on casual aspects, multimedia, and use for sketches. And presents a compact design, is easy to carry, and has LTE support built -in. It also includes S-Pen support, while being able to enjoy the sketch function as offered on the Galaxy Note series of phones.

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