Galaxy Tab A System

Samsung Galaxy Tab A system (2019) with S-Pen has been generated with Samsung One UI 1.0 interface based on Android 9.0 Pie. The interface presents a very neat and modern display, in line with what is offered on Android 9.0 Pie. The icon design also looks simpler, while presenting organized settings in the settings section. The notification tray display has also been updated, with the inclusion of round -shaped buttons to access a number of control settings.

Powered by Samsung One UI, this tablet can enjoy powerful multitasking functions to run multiple applications. The running application can be scaled down in the form of a window and can be changed in terms of its size. It also supports a minimize function, by which this running app will be minimized into a button in a floating form.

The Samsung One UI also includes a number of interesting functions; such as dark color theme support to give comfort to your eyes. With the presence of Android 9.0 Pie

, it also offers a Digital Wellbeing function to make it easier for users to monitor gadget usage time. You are also still given the option; to activate the Smart Stay function to prevent the screen flame from turning off. When you connect this device to an audio accessory, it also features Dolby Atmos functionality for more immersive audio listening.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) has been powered by a mid -range chip, via the Samsung Exynos 7904 along with the use of 3GB of RAM memory. The chip comes with an eight-core chip design; through 2 x Cortex-A73 1.8 GHz + 6 x Cortex-A53 1.6 GHz, along with the use of Mali-G72 MP2 GPU. The chip is actually also generated on the Galaxy M20 and Galaxy A30; which are both the latest Samsung phone models.

Through benchmark tests such as the AnTuTu Benchmark, the device managed to grab around 94,831 points. Through this reading, it shows the performance behind the Snapdragon 636; which is the chip used on the Redmi Note 5. To make it easier for you to compare, the Snapdragon 636 chip is capable of scoring 114,648 points; while the Snapdragon 660 is capable of scoring around 143,589 points.

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