Galaxy S20 Ultra Stereo

Steady Galaxy S20 Ultra stereo audio can be enjoyed from a pair of included stereo speakers. One speaker is located at the front while the other is at the bottom. Even so the audio quality is still balanced and most importantly loud. For true audio enjoyment, we recommend that the Dolby Atmos system be activated at all times. By default it is not enabled.

All major audio codecs are supported to ensure your favorite music can be heard at the best quality. The only drawback is that there are no more audio jacks as this is the current trend. Many will definitely miss it but we in order to produce a device with a small bezel and a large battery size, the audio jack had to be sacrificed.

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Bench mark

As in previous years, the S20 Ultra for the Malaysian market uses an Exnos chip. This year’s Exynos 990 is matched with 12GB of LPDDR5 memory and 128GB of UFS 3.0 storage. The chip used is an update to the Exynos 9825 used on the Note 10+. Both chips are manufactured using 7nm technology unlike the Exynos 9820 on the S10+ which still uses 8nm technology.

We cannot say which ideology is correct here. What we do know is that on the S20 Ultra the photos taken in the majority of situations do not depict the actual situation. Even though it is a “fake photo” it still looks good if placed next to photos taken using the iPhone 11 Pro Max and P30 Pro. The proof can be seen for yourself in the camera comparison gadget article we published a few weeks ago.

In the blind tests conducted, many agreed the Samsung S20 Ultra picture is the best among the three devices mentioned earlier. This is a surprising thing because in tests done last year, Samsung devices were not selected at all because they were behind Apple and Huawei.

The conclusion here is that last year’s weaknesses have been fixed by Samsung. Pictures are more vibrant and sharp. Night mode is now useful and not just a noise -adding mode. The zoom capability also bypasses Huawei. Most importantly in 30X zoom mode even though the image is still stable and does not shake as badly as on the P30 Pro.

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