Galaxy A80 Operating System

The Android 9 Pie Samsung Galaxy A80 operating system is used with the Samsung One UI 1.1 launcher. This launcher is one of our favorites because it matches the beautiful design with the user -friendly control system. The three -button navigation system is retained but no dual -button system like Android aslo is offered. But users can still make quick gestures to the side to switch between apps that have been open.

One UI really simplifies the process of accessing various parts of the interface without fingers having to perform gymnastic stunts. The additional functions that are include also simplify the user process of the device that is not offer by other manufacturers.

During the two -week review period, the device worked smoothly. The large RAM size allows many applications to be launch simultaneously without having to perform a reload process after being place in the background.

But that’s one problem that we feel is a bit tense found when trying to do a photo distillation. The screen of the device is less sensitive to detect small movements when trying to do cropping on a picture. Although the finger moves only a few millimeters, the cropping frame moves even further. This may be closely related to poorly performed touch screen calibration.

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Always On Display – The screen displays notifications all the time without using a high battery.

Device Care- A one-stop center that cleans storage, viruses and even RAM usage.

Digital Wellbeing – Monitors gadget usage to enable users to reduce their usage. The usage time of each device can be see. There is a confirmed monochrome screen mode that can reduce the time spent using the smartphone.

The camera bulge on the Samsung Galaxy A80 is quite large. The device must not be place flat on the table surface. We only used this device for two weeks and there were already some scratches on the iron frame surrounding the camera lens frame. The use of a frame is necessary to avoid damage to the lens and the included pop-rotate mechanism.

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