Galaxy A71 Operating System

For the Galaxy A71 operating system, OneUI 2.0 on this device is just the same as any other Samsung gadget. Only in the Galaxy A series, this is the coolest and has no performance issues like other models.

We have made a special video of the update done to the operating system that they have updated, and here it can confirm almost the same experience only, you can see the changes in the Device Care section which is more friendly to use, there is the use of graphs to tell the status and details of battery usage. Not only that, there are also several functions that are combined and some are already separated so that it is easy for users to find something more specific settings.

The interface design is more neat, beautiful and easy to use. One UI 2.0 is user-friendly, especially one-handed use. My favorite feature is the dark theme mode which actually uses a Super AMOLED screen, so the dark theme also has a pretty dark black color.

A little disappointing is its full gesture control. It uses Android 10’s full gesture control, which is a bit similar to iOS gesture control on the iPhone X and above. Still, it feels a bit time consuming and sometimes doesn’t work. Scrolling to the home screen, it’s easier to open Samsung Pay by accident.

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Battery Life

We took a few days as well to make sure the device gave an accurate reading for battery life. Thankfully and we are very relieved; to report that the battery life of the galaxy A71 is capable of reaching SOT of up to 7 hours. SOT as high as this is with extreme uses like doing some benchmark tests; taking frequent pictures, and some light uses like streaming video and using various social media apps.

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