Functions on Note 10 Plus

Here are some interesting functions on Note 10 Plus.

Air Actions-Control the application using an S-Pen that works like a magic wand.

Always On Display – The screen displays notifications all the time without using a high battery.

Gadget Care – A one-stop center that cleans storage, viruses and even RAM usage.

Dual Messenger – Use two applications such as WhatsApp simultaneously.

Game Launcher – The first mode that prevents interference while playing.

Hide Camera Cutout – Hides the camera hole on the screen.

Kids Home-Changes the interface to be more child-friendly and limits access to apps. Time limits can set and block browsable websites.

Launch the camera quickly – The camera application can also be launch by pressing the power button quickly by two times.

Navigation Bar-Two navigation options namely tri-button or Full Screen Gesture.

Night Mode – Dark theme on the entire interface to reduce battery usage.

One Handed Mode – Minimizes the screen display for easier one -handed use. This is done by pressing the home button three times or scrolling from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Two -Way Wireless Charging – Devices can be recharge wirelessly and charge other devices wirelessly as well.

Samsung DeX – Now can work on PC and Mac as well as can be displayed on a TV or monitor with a wired connection. There is still no DeX wirelessly as previously rumored.

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New Functions of Stylus S Pen, DeX and Camera

This special segment we produce because it’s a fairly large update done on the S Pen, DeX and camera functions. We start with the S Pen with a new unibody body design. It maintains the same size trying no more incisions that differentiate the back and front. The whole body is now as smooth as used on the S Pen Tab S6 tablet.

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