EZVIZ C3W Pro Codec 

Apart from that, the EZVIZ C3W Pro codec uses the H.265 video recording codec which is simply a video codec capable of recording video that has high detail but at a more compact file size. Basically, this closed circuit camera will only record video when it detects movement within the recording radius, so if no movement occurs, it will not record unnecessary video.

Lack of

The whole time we used this EZVIZ C3W Pro, I can say in terms of functions and features; this closed circuit camera comes with a very easy-to-understand installation way; and the functions are easy for users to access and use. Aspects like data storage etc. are also taken care of by EZVIZ in the background which the user does not have to worry so much about.

Two notable shortcomings for me about this camera can be said to be a bit trivial; but for me they are still important. The first is that the power plug of this camera comes with a relatively short cable; so the locations where you can install this camera are limited to locations that come with a nearby power plug.

However, EZVIZ seems to be aware of this shortcoming, and is seen offering much longer extension cables to facilitate installation to further power plugs if needed for RM20 on their Shopee and Lazada sites.

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The second and third disadvantages are related, which are related to your home or office internet network. If your premise does not have a WiFi router; you can still use a LAN cable to connect this camera to your network; but this may cause your premise area to be cluttered with cables; if you choose to install more than one of these C3W Pro cameras.

The second is that we expect you to want to use an internet plan with speeds around 30-50Mbps and above to ensure a smooth connection between the camera and your device, and we also recommend that you use a router that can accommodate a larger number of internet gadget connections if you want to use more than one of these closed circuit cameras to avoid device time delay problems.

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