EZVIZ C3W Pro Camera

To activate this EZVIZ C3W Pro camera, you just need to plug this camera into the power plug, open the EZVIZ app and scan the QR code located on the back of the camera, or on this camera’s manual.

After that, you just have to wait for the camera’s LED light to turn from red to blue and enter your WiFi connection details into this app to allow this camera to be connect to your network. For user guidance, this camera can be connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network only, so we recommend that you connect your security gadget to that network first to enter the WiFi network details into the app where it will then be sent to the camera.

If you ask why this camera does not support 5GHz WIFi network, the network does have a faster data transmission rate, but in terms of network radius, it is much lower compare to 2.4GHz.

More interestingly, EZVIZ says that; there is no limit to how many of these CCTVs can be install in their home or office. You can install closed circuit cameras for as many rooms as you want; and only need to go through the same initial installation process for all of those cameras.

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Control Everything Through One Application

The EZVIZ C3W Pro comes with a number of functions that are quite interesting for a closed circuit camera. First, as mentioned earlier, all of these camera functions can be controlled directly from the EZVIZ app.

These include the ability to watch video feeds, control video recording functions; two -way conversation, device addition, alarm installation and cancellation as well as various other camera settings.

The most interesting feature that is present on this camera for me is definitely the color night vision function; which on many other cameras, their night vision function shows recording in black and white only. This makes it difficult for authorities to identify offenders due to insufficient facial details.

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