Design of Note 10 Plus

The most appropriate word to describe the design of Note 10 Plus is sexy. The bezels on all four sides of the device are equally thin which makes it finally look balanced. On the S10 the chin and forehead are still quite large when compared to the side bezels. Let’s talk about the camera hole on the screen. By default all apps will be instructed to use all screen surfaces. This causes the camera hole to interfere with video viewing on YouTube for example. But if you don’t want this to happen, the Hide Camera Cutout option can be selected but results in the existence of a large black bar displayed on the forehead. It greatly pollutes the appearance of the device and we do not recommend that you enable this option.

The body of the Samsung gadget now increasingly looks boxy with only the sides rounded. The top and bottom are flat allowing the device to be erected on a table. We feel it is a hybrid design of Sony’s Loop Surface and Nokia Lumia. As fans of both of these devices, we don’t feel this is a negative thing as it makes the Note 10 look pretty handsome.

The glass panel is still used on the back and it still collects dirt too easily. After looking at the back surfaces of the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max that use frosted glass, we believe this may be Samsung’s last generation to use glossy glass on the back panel. On these two competing devices the relatively rough glass surface is not easily dirty.

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With a combination of rounded sides and the same body size as the Note 9, we felt the Note 10 was a device that was still reasonable to use with one hand originally it was inserted into the frame. The glossy glass panel on the back and curved screen make it smooth to hold. Samsung includes a frame with every purchase but we recommend purchasing a more durable frame to prevent you from shedding tears after the coffin is carried if the device falls on the floor.

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