Black Shark Lucifer T1

The bass on this Black Shark Lucifer T1 is a bit loud and excessive, making the listening experience a little less pleasant as you can’t hear other details very well. It then doesn’t have a good definition of bass and sounds as if it’s empty and widely spread or it’s easy to say it has a hollow bass.


As for the vocals, it is not very tasty and seems to be far away from the user’s ears. Due to the excessive bass earlier, the vocals are also shielded which makes it no interesting impact. No matter the voice of a man or a woman, it will provide an unsatisfactory listening experience.

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High Tone/Highs

Again, due to the bass being overly loud and having no separate app to control it – the high pitched sound doesn’t seem to reach. It is already good and tasty. The sound is bright and almost makes an impact, but it’s not very consistent and only some music can capitalize on the capabilities on this TWS.

Audio Staging & Isolation

While users can use an equalizer from a music streaming app or a third -party media app, this set of real wireless earphones gadget lacks great capabilities so that significant changes can be distinguished. Due to that, it does not have good audio staging. Each instrument seems to be in a small and narrow room making the instruments indistinguishable.

Even so, the instrument is still successfully isolated from the vocals giving little positive value to this TWS.

Low Time Interval Mode

Like most sets of real gaming wireless earphones, the first Black Shark mode will activate the low interval feature. Gives users an engaging user experience when playing action premiere or fast -paced. With the excessive bass just now, it makes the sound of a shot or an explosion more delicious and thrilling.

Unfortunately, this mode when used will sacrifice the quality of the sound played from the music streaming platform. Using this mode also needs to be activated with a few touches on the earphone handle. But when playing the first, this low 55ms time lapse mode helps a little to give a more immersive first play experience.

The sound of a shot is a little more efficient to detect by the ear, compared to not using it. It’s just that it’s not as great and in line with the selling price.

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