Beam Gen 2 Audio

It’s a little hard to write an Beam Gen 2 audio listening experience in words. But if you’ve ever watched a movie in a Dolby Atmos stage, the audio experience on the Beam Gen 2 is similar but on a smaller scale.

Throwing audio from above may not be so because of using software. But this is a small disadvantage when compared to the advantages that can be enjoyed. The explosions and gunshots felt like punching the chest even though the Beam Gen 2 didn’t have a large wooden subwoofer. The treble also squeaked with the sound of shattering glass moving in front of his head.

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For those who have never used a 5.1 or Atmos audio system; I recommend you don’t try it if you don’t have a dream of buying; as it will make you never go back to a regular 2.1 audio system again.

I said in the Amanz lab a 65 ″ Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K was used to test the Sonos Beam Gen 2. The speaker quality of the Beam Gen 2 is much better; when compared to the built -in audio system of a smart television that does not directly support this Atmos. Finally robust visuals can be viewed on a premium 8K QLED screen with real Atmos audio. Like changing from a TWS to a phone to a Sony with LDAC. That’s the difference in my ears because it introduces a new dimension to the ear.

If you are an Apple Music customer, Beam Gen 2 we recommend listening to Atmos and Apple Lossless music. The ears feel like they are being washed clean from the sins of listening; to music using only cheap earphones all this time. Frequencies and musical instruments that have been magically submerged appear when heard through Beam Gen 2.

If you already have other Sonos smart gadget speakers at home, the Beam Gen 2 can be combined with the Sonos One and Sonos Sub for a better audio experience.

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