Basic Redmi Class Device

As expected, a basic Redmi class device with a 5000mAh battery will indeed provide long -lasting durability. Although the charging is only 18W, it is one of the most basic and safe fast charging system.

This large battery capacity and 4GB RAM memory that can’t process many applications is enough to give a durability of over 10 hours SOT for productivity use and around 8 hours SOT for entertainment use.

This 18W fast charging system is Power Delivery technology if you want to use USB-C to USB-C or look for a QC 3.0 charger and above for 18W USB-A to USB-C. This long durability is sufficient, especially if a user is only charging the Redmi gadget at night.


The Redmi 10 is clearly an interesting device to use even though the starting price is already getting higher. But if we look at the offerings of competitors, this Redmi has more advantages. Instead of a better screen, tastier speakers, as well as a higher quality camera.

The sale price of RM649 for a start may be a little expensive, but if you think back to the PdPR initiative or working from home which is still lingering – shopping for a device that will guarantee the best productivity for you is enough. Updates are also fast, the battery is also durable – what more could you want for a device in this class?


Beautiful and attractive screen compared to competitors
Better GPU performance than other Helio G8x
Satisfactory stereo speakers in its class
The 50MP camera produces sharp picture details.

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90Hz is not very smooth and fast
The overall performance is not very satisfactory
The global version of MIUI 12.5 lacks many interesting features compared to the Chinese version.
Mobile data and WiFi issues are unstable.

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