Basic Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

It’s still more like a basic Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smartwatch, just a little more advanced. It’s not Pro enough because one can’t download apps from the app store or install apps on their own. The music app is also just a Bluetooth control only no built -in apps like Spotify. The clock face is also limited to what is offered in the Zepp app or its built -in only and cannot use popular third -party clock faces such as from Facer.

Not being able to reply to messages on notifications like email, SMS or WhatsApp is still annoying. But for those who are used to it it will probably feel okay – just for a watch sold at a price close to RM1000 – their operating system should already be at a better level. Amazfit still needs to learn a lot from what competitors have to offer.

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Became another problem when this watch is frequently disconnected from the iPhone. To use a phone call, though, Bluetooth tethering needs to be done twice. It’s a bit ugly.

The most serious problem is inconsistent data tracking. This watch tries to offer the concept of one -click all -in -one press. But the overly fast process is like a gimmick and the data is also not very accurate. Whereas the actual SpO2 process takes a little longer. Pulse scans are also data read blink too high blink very low. The watch is compared side -by -side with the Apple Watch gadget Series 7 as well as the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS – the TicWatch and Apple’s pulse scan data are more or less the same but Amazfit is vastly different.

Sleep monitoring also even though the battery on the clock there is much more, it blink monitor blink no. Once upon a time, when an app was opened it only displayed data from the past few days and not the most recent. Although the Zepp application already looks user -friendly, it is not friendly in data retrieval as well as management.

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