Audio in Sonos Beam

Audio in Sonos Beam is among the aspects that are always ignored by the users because beautiful screens, large screens and powerful processors are the three more preferred categories. Many don’t actually realize that the television speakers they use now are less than satisfactory because they shoot down and in 90% of cases are just stereo as well as small in size.

I am one of the people who used to be satisfied only with TV speakers at home. But since working at Amanz, I’ve commented a lot on high -performance audio equipment. After the “hijab” that covers the ears is opened, it is impossible to close it all and go back to the regular stereo 2.0 speakers. The analogy is like the first time you watch 1080P content on a TV. I and many of you can no longer accept lower resolutions.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a speaker that can be categorized as an aristocratic class in Malaysia. It has been on the market for the past few weeks so is this compact soundbar gadget able to offer the best audio experience making the RM2699 price to buy it worth it?

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The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is an update model to the original Sonos Beam launched in 2018. So when viewed on the exterior design, no significant differences can be seen. The entire body of the soundbar is made of plastic material including the speaker lattice on the front and sides. Some dislike the use of plastic material on the soundbar; but I personally feel it is a more practical design when compared to the fabric finish on the Sonos Playbar.

The Sonos Playbar that I have been using in the office for the past six years is now dusty with a canvas cover that likes to be cleaned and has started to tear. Plastic lattice is much easier to clean without the risk of being torn in the future. In this case Sonos is taking a long -term practical step over a finish; that will make the Beam look more premium.

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