Android 10 Original Gadget

Android 10 original gadget that is not for everyone. Like the title of this paragraph, yes it’s true the native Android on the Pixel isn’t for everyone. I say this based on my own experience. Many of my acquaintances and many even gadget experts who have chatted with me say Android on Pixel devices is boring. That is why the Oxygen OS on OnePlus devices is a popular native Android.

Many of the specific functions of Google Pixel 4 in Android 10 are already my story above, so in this paragraph I will tell more on the user experience. Start with the interface. Android 10 has a native Android interface which to me is very comfortable. No matter the light mode or the dark theme mode, it is pleasing to the eye. Yes it is true, it will look empty and honestly – I myself as a Pixel fan admit it does look empty and bored. But that’s the minimalist design that Google has to offer. Only real Pixel users will know that the Pixel 4 isn’t boring, because knowing behind the emptiness of the original Android is like this empty soul in myself – there’s a secret that makes this device great.

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With the “void” on the Pixel 4 this makes the device smooth and fast. Then, this is also why the RAM on the Pixel 4 is 6GB and does not reach 8GB or 12GB like the competitors. Pixels aren’t many there are apps running in the background or heavy themes that require a lot of power. Inside the device system settings, there will be many interesting setting options that give users a variety of customization options. It is also easy to use and easy to understand. Even if you are not a previous Pixel user, believe it or not a day or two is enough for you to dive into the world of Pixel and enjoy the beauty of this device.

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