Xiaomi Mi A3 Battery

Xiaomi Mi A3 Battery

The Xiaomi Mi A3 battery brings a huge battery boost over the Xiaomi Mi A2, through a capacity of 4030 mAh compared to 3010 mAh. With an 11nm chip and a battery capacity of this size, it is expected to provide longer screen life and flash – not to mention the use of a 720p screen. Through real -world testing, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is able to provide excellent screen lighting, which is around 7 hours 41 minutes for all -day use.

In terms of charging, this Xiaomi gadget is seen to support fast charging based on 18W, but Xiaomi only supplies a 10W charger with the purchase of this device. Through the provided 10W charger, Xiaomi Mi A3 can be charged around 2 hours 3 minutes from 0-100%battery capacity.

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The Xiaomi Mi A3 is seen to have a lot of potential if users do not view its screen resolution as a weakness. It comes with an elegant build, offers an AMOLED display; and is powered by a smooth and efficient mid -range chip. This gadget also comes with an excellent tri-camera system; supports 18W fast charging, and has a very long battery capacity for daily use. It also still retains IR blaster support, besides having restored two important things on mid -range devices; namely a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Just what is the criticism of users, the screen resolution only supports 720p; which is a resolution that is considered very low for the selling price of a device over RM800. Despite offering a sophisticated under -screen finger scanning system; its performance is seen to be less consistent in unlocking the device. It is also seen to be only present in the 4GB RAM memory variant; apart from only being supplied with a 10W charger in the pearnti purchase box.

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Xiaomi Mi A3 System

Xiaomi Mi A3 System

Xiaomi Mi A3 system has been powered by Android 9.0 Pie operating system along with Android One program support. This program is a special standard from Google to allow non -Google devices to receive the best Android experience. Among the benefits of this Android One, it brings the look of the native Android interface and is guaranteed to receive Android updates continuously within 2 years.

Because it comes with native Android, it brings a neat and simple look – just like the one offered on Google Pixel devices. It also features new navigation controls, which allow you to navigate to other apps by moving the buttons at the bottom. Just what I found, Xiaomi does not provide the ability to change these navigation controls to standard Android navigation buttons (triangles, circles, squares), thus making users need to familiarize themselves with this Android Pie navigation.

Xiaomi also includes some additional applications in it such as the Mi Remote application; that allows the device to be used as a remote control. It also includes an FM Radio app; however it requires you to connect to a wired audio accessory to hear it. The included camera app is also based on MIUI Camera; by including an interface and a number of standard controls similar to MIUI -based Xiaomi devices.

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The Xiaomi Mi A3 is the second device after the Mi CC9e powered by a Snapdragon 665 chip. The 11nm chip brings an eight-core design, through 4 x Kryo 260 Gold 2.0 GHz (powerful core); and 4 x Kryo 260 Silver 1.8 GHz (efficient core). When tested on a benchmark app like AnTuTu Benchmark; it is slightly behind the Snapdragon 660 with a figure of around 140,983. In comparison to other chips; this Snapdragon 665 chip has a speed similar to the HiSilicon Kirin 710F chip on the Huawei Y9 Prime (2019).

For use in the real world, the Xiaomi gadget is capable of opening and swapping applications quickly through the use of UFS 2.1 storage and 4GB of RAM memory. Through the use of Adreno 610 GPU, games such as PUBG Mobile can be played at the “Smooth + Ultra” setting; by providing a smooth and consistent frame rate reading. Its heat output also looks good, making the device not feel hot even when used for long gaming sessions.

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OnePlus 7 Microphone

OnePlus 7 Microphone

At the top there is only a OnePlus 7 microphone and below is the antenna, USB-C port and speaker lattice. Moving to the right side, there is a power button and a slider button to control the ringtone. Finally on the left, OnePlus puts a volume button, another antenna and even a SIM card slot. The designs of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 7 have similar design elements. So this OnePlus 7 looks a little boring.

The building materials are quite premium, from a distance this device looks sexy and charming. The Mirror Gray color also makes the device ideal for an entrepreneur or professional user. OnePlus also offers Blush Red, which is a bright red lipstick -like color and a Mirror Blue color that is similar to Nebula Blue – but specifically for the Indian market only.

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OnePlus 7 is not officially sold in Malaysia. When the OnePlus 7 Pro was launched, they stated that the OnePlus 7 is specific to markets like India and China only. But, there are only sellers in Malaysia who bring in this device and sell it at a fairly reasonable price.

The price of the OnePlus 7 import set is around RM1900 to RM2400, depending on the variations sold. One example of a well -known store is Mobile2Go, they sell the OnePlus 7 8/256GB at RM1999 and the 12/256GB variant is sold at only RM2349.

The official price in China is RMB2999 for 8/256GB which is around RM1790 and RMB3499 for 12/256GB which is around RM2088.


Concluding this OnePlus 7 gadget review, it is indeed a better device than expected. It’s not a OnePlus 6T with a bit of an upgrade. Fast UFS3.0 storage, fast app opening/closing and even an awesome camera.

The battery is also quite durable and great. This device should be sold in Malaysia officially, because it is indeed a worthwhile and satisfying device.

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OnePlus 7 Main Camera

OnePlus 7 Main Camera

The OnePlus 7 main camera is a dual-camera system. The main lens is a 48MP lens from Sony IMX586 and has an f/1.7 lens aperture. This lens also has OIS. The second lens is a 5MP lens with an f/2.4 lens aperture. But the second lens does not have any stabilization sensor and the image quality will depend on the main lens only. This is because this second lens is a depth sensor that will help produce beautiful bokeh images. The rear camera is also matched with a dual-LED flash.

The image results at first look like OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus image post-process isn’t as great as the Pixel, so the image results seen to have no significant difference. However, OnePlus still tries to follow the Pixel concept with the use of software to make the picture result better. The color of the resulting image is beautiful and satisfying. It’s bright, the details are also clear. This 48MP lens is very helpful.

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In terms of color contrast, clarity and white color balance are fine. But what we do realize is, most photos taken with the OnePlus 7 have a frequent orange effect. This may be a bug in the camera application. Because it only happens occasionally. For zoom, this OnePlus gadget does not have a telephoto lens. So, the zoom image is only digital with the crop and post -process technique only. Neat results, but not the best.

For bokeh mode pictures, it has very encouraging results. We didn’t think the OnePlus 7 could take neat and good portrait image results. On the fuzzy side it is neat and even.

For the selfie camera, the lens used is 16MP from the Sony IMX471 lens. It doesn’t support auto-focus mode, but it still has good image results. Likewise with the portrait mode on the selfie camera side, it gives satisfactory results.

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Functions on Note 10 Plus

Functions on Note 10 Plus

Here are some interesting functions on Note 10 Plus.

Air Actions-Control the application using an S-Pen that works like a magic wand.

Always On Display – The screen displays notifications all the time without using a high battery.

Gadget Care – A one-stop center that cleans storage, viruses and even RAM usage.

Dual Messenger – Use two applications such as WhatsApp simultaneously.

Game Launcher – The first mode that prevents interference while playing.

Hide Camera Cutout – Hides the camera hole on the screen.

Kids Home-Changes the interface to be more child-friendly and limits access to apps. Time limits can set and block browsable websites.

Launch the camera quickly – The camera application can also be launch by pressing the power button quickly by two times.

Navigation Bar-Two navigation options namely tri-button or Full Screen Gesture.

Night Mode – Dark theme on the entire interface to reduce battery usage.

One Handed Mode – Minimizes the screen display for easier one -handed use. This is done by pressing the home button three times or scrolling from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Two -Way Wireless Charging – Devices can be recharge wirelessly and charge other devices wirelessly as well.

Samsung DeX – Now can work on PC and Mac as well as can be displayed on a TV or monitor with a wired connection. There is still no DeX wirelessly as previously rumored.

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New Functions of Stylus S Pen, DeX and Camera

This special segment we produce because it’s a fairly large update done on the S Pen, DeX and camera functions. We start with the S Pen with a new unibody body design. It maintains the same size trying no more incisions that differentiate the back and front. The whole body is now as smooth as used on the S Pen Tab S6 tablet.

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Design of Note 10 Plus

Design of Note 10 Plus

The most appropriate word to describe the design of Note 10 Plus is sexy. The bezels on all four sides of the device are equally thin which makes it finally look balanced. On the S10 the chin and forehead are still quite large when compared to the side bezels. Let’s talk about the camera hole on the screen. By default all apps will be instructed to use all screen surfaces. This causes the camera hole to interfere with video viewing on YouTube for example. But if you don’t want this to happen, the Hide Camera Cutout option can be selected but results in the existence of a large black bar displayed on the forehead. It greatly pollutes the appearance of the device and we do not recommend that you enable this option.

The body of the Samsung gadget now increasingly looks boxy with only the sides rounded. The top and bottom are flat allowing the device to be erected on a table. We feel it is a hybrid design of Sony’s Loop Surface and Nokia Lumia. As fans of both of these devices, we don’t feel this is a negative thing as it makes the Note 10 look pretty handsome.

The glass panel is still used on the back and it still collects dirt too easily. After looking at the back surfaces of the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max that use frosted glass, we believe this may be Samsung’s last generation to use glossy glass on the back panel. On these two competing devices the relatively rough glass surface is not easily dirty.

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With a combination of rounded sides and the same body size as the Note 9, we felt the Note 10 was a device that was still reasonable to use with one hand originally it was inserted into the frame. The glossy glass panel on the back and curved screen make it smooth to hold. Samsung includes a frame with every purchase but we recommend purchasing a more durable frame to prevent you from shedding tears after the coffin is carried if the device falls on the floor.

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Note 10 Plus

Note 10 Plus

According to Samsung, 94% of the front surface of the Note 10 plus is a screen. The face of the Note has once again changed drastically after the use of the Infinity Display two years ago. We have to admit the device now looks more futuristic and attractive when compared to the S10.

The Exynos 9825 processor is use on the device and it is the first Exynos processor produce through 7nm technology. Slightly surprisingly the Exynos 9820 processor is not used on this flagship gadget. For the Malaysian market only Exynos processors with two 2.73GHz Mongoose M4 cores, two 2.4GHz Cortex-A75 cores and four 1.9GHz Cortex-A55 cores are use. The Exynos 9825 differs from the Exynos 9820 in that it is manufactured using 7nm technology.

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The Usual

Traditionally the Note will reuse the Samsung Galaxy S specs with just changes to the screen, battery and stylus usage. To really differentiate between this year’s Galaxy S and Note series, the use of two different power processors is finally done. This is to further differentiate the specifications between the two models of these landmark devices. Note users consist of those who like to do work when out of the office so a more powerful processor is see to provide a slight advantage.

The difference is again see in the memory offering of 12GB and storage of 256/512GB. There is support for micro SD cards up to 1TB if users want to add internal storage of the device. Usually RAM of this size is only find on devices for the first time. More applications can be open simultaneously without having to worry about it undergoing a refresh process.

Speaking of cameras, the main tri-camera now incorporates a 12+12+16 Megapixel sensor. The 12-Megapixel sensor is match with an f/1.5-f/2.4 adjustable aperture lens. The 12-Megapixel sensor with f/2.4 telephoto lens comes with 2X optical zoom support and lastly a 16-Megapixel f/2.2 sensor for a 123-degree ultra-wide angle lens.

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Honor 50 Quad Camera

Honor 50 Quad Camera

The Honor 50 quad camera system on the back is use. Through it, it is equipped with a 108MP sensor, 8MP ultra wide angle lens 8MP, 2MP bokeh lens and 2MP macro lens. Then, selfies can be taken through the 32-Megapixel front camera. For video, there is the ability to record video at a maximum setting of 4K 30FPS for the main camera, while only supporting 1080P recording that can record at 30FPS.

The gadget interface looks easy to understand and there is absolutely no problem to access every available camera mode. The camera modes included are numerous such as Night, Portrait, Aperature, Super Macro, Time Lapse, Pro, High Res, Document, Panorama and Stickers. Not to mention, the camera on the Honor 50 also allows multiple recordings to made with the following modes:

Dual-view Recording (Front / Rear)-A mode that allows video to be record using the front and rear cameras simultaneously. The recording results for both camera angles will be display side by side.

Dual-view Recording (Back / Rear)-The concept is the same as before. But, it can use an angle camera-ultra wide with 6X zoom ability to get closer to the subject. The recording results of both camera angles will also be display side by side

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Picture In Picture Recording – A mode that allows recording; to made in a floating window with the front camera, then a larger display using the main camera. It’s very useful for allowing viewers to see your content with more focus.

Fast -Motion Recording & Slow Motion Recording -Modes that allow subjects or objects to be recorded with fast or flat effects -it is useful to make a video look more unique.

Front -to -Back Recording – The camera on the Honor 50 also allows users to record and convert at the same time.

Story Recording – Works like a built -in video editing application. There are up to nine built -in templates available. The length of the video depends on the template; and the maximum is 15 seconds which is suitable for uploading directly to the instastory.

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Honor 50 Size

Honor 50 Size

To us, it does not pose any problem in terms of Honor 50 size because it is big enough and able to provide a good experience. The user experience is also satisfactory with the 120Hz screen which feels good enough in making the device feel fast enough. In fact, the scrolling process is also smooth and most applications as well as anismic transitions are also able to operate well.

One more thing, the device also supports HDR standards for YouTube content and comes with Widevine L1 authentication. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ can be downloaded without any problems due to the availability of GMS. However, the issue we encountered was that the Netflix app could not play HD and HDR quality video content. Instead, it is limited to SD only.

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This situation also occurs possibly because Honor has yet to partner with Netflix for this support. However, we kindly remind you this situation occurs on our review unit. There may be updates in the future or it may not even happen on future marketed gadget.

Next, a curved type screen becomes Honor’s choice. It allows the device to look as if it has a thin bezel on the left and right sides. Not only that, the bezel on the chin and forehead is also nice and thin to create a balanced situation. What’s less pleasant, though, is the issue of video overflow going on here, making the experience of watching videos in full screen mode a bit annoying.

In addition, another function that is also included is a fingerprint scanner system built into the screen. Praise is given for his ability to function well along with the right response. In addition, the unlock time rate offered is also at a satisfactory level. However, you need to keep your fingers clean and dry. Alternatively, settings for the face scanning system are also provided.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

The conclusion of Samsung Galaxy Fold review is the most innovative device we’ve ever used since the Asus PadFone 2 seven years ago. It really brings some innovations that are not just gimmicks at once changing the definition of what a smartphone is and the things you can do with it.

We fell in love with its large secondary screen. Surfing the web, reading electronic books, enjoying Instagram photos, watching video content and taking pictures are very different. Fold is an Android tablet that can still be stored in a trouser pocket quite comfortably.

But most importantly, the Fold brought the biggest smartphone design change since the introduction of the iPhone over twelve years ago.

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This unique design is actually a double -edged sword for Samsung. The positive thing is that Fold makes a device that was once considered impossible a reality. The negative thing is that it creates some new things that haven’t existed all along.

Foldable screens Fold has very noticeable lines on the fold area. Because it is made of plastic it is also more prone to damage unlike glass screens. The true long -term durability of the Fold outside the lab is also still a mystery as it is a first generation device.

The waterproof capability that has become standard on flagship gadget over the past five years is also not supported. There are too many open holes that water and dust can enter on the Fold making it one of the most sensitive devices ever produced in mobile phone history.

But even if there are some notable drawbacks we can still recommend Fold to able users; because it is so unique. If you want to be the earliest user of a device; that will change the design of mobile devices for years to come; Fold is produced specifically for you and proves the foldable screen device has a relatively bright future; to be the standard design of the next smartphone.

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Sensor in Galaxy Fold

Sensor in Galaxy Fold

Because of the use of the same sensor in Galaxy Fold, the photography and videography capabilities on the Fold are similar to those found on the Note 10+. The color production and sharpness of the picture are very satisfactory in good lighting situations. Scene Optimiser’s artificial intelligence system ensures the most accurate shots are applied to each picture taken. This year Samsung changed the algorithm on their camera software to produce pictures that look more natural than their previous devices.

A common comment we hear is that the picture is too sharp with a higher elevated saturation. The result is a picture that is pleasing to the eye but not easy to edit later on the computer. For most regular users this is not a big deal because how many of those users will be editing photos on computers in 2019?

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But for photography enthusiasts, photos from the pre-processed Fold are hard to edit. Good or bad Fold picture quality depends on each user. We personally feel the picture taken is satisfactory but not as good as can be taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max or Mate 30 Pro. Sample images are as below.

Such is the sample image from the ultra wide angle lens and also the 5X zoom. The fish eye effect with the curved side of the ime can be clearly seen; when using an ultra wide angle lens. The ability to zoom up to 5X is satisfactory but it must be admitted that it is not able to match the P30 Pro or Mate 30 Pro.

The night mode in Samsung gadget is also once again satisfying but not the best in class. The picture is bright but has a bit of noise. The picture description is not comparable to the P30 Pro. The advantage we can give is that the night mode can be used on all unlimited lenses; like on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Interface

Samsung Galaxy Fold Interface

Samsung Galaxy Fold interface still uses the Android 9 Pie operating system with the One UI 1.5 launcher. Using a non -current version of Android is a bit silly coupled with until now the Android 10 program for Fold is also still not announced unlike the S10 and Note 10. This means that users who want to enjoy Android 10 will have to wait longer.

The One UI 1.5 gadget interface is the same as on the S10 and Note 10 with some changes as well as improvements. First of all it supports 4: 3 ratio screen display on the main screen. From our experience all apps in the Play Store can be used without problems even on screens with this unconventional screen ratio.

To make it easier to use the device on a wide screen, Samsung includes a function to change the position of the navigation buttons at the bottom to the left, right or center side. Gesture -based navigation is included but it is a Samsung system that is not as good as the original Android.

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A 7.3 ″ screen with a 4: 3 ratio allows up to three applications to be launched simultaneously. To activate it the user has to scroll from the right side of the screen. A tab to launch supported applications in Multi Window will be displayed. Among the things we’ve tested is watching YouTube streams while posting tweets on Twitter. Although up to three apps are personally supported we feel two apps are the most comfortable use as one app can be displayed on different “screen door leaves”.

On the right screen door leaf there is a power button, voice and a physical fingerprint scanner. All of these buttons are made entirely of metal. A SIM tray is placed on the left screen door. The USB-C charging port is located on the bottom.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Fold camera on the back is 12+16+12 Megapixels which is the same as on the S10, S10+, Note 10 and Note 10+. No 3D TOF camera included. The selfie camera on the fold is 10+ 8 Megapixel the same as the S10+ complete with a depth sensor. A flash light is included just for tri-camera use on the back.

The two batteries used have a combined capacity of 4380 mAh and are only 80 mAh larger than those used on the Note 10+. It is charged via the USB-C port but only supports charging with a 15W output only. The included charger wire is also still from USB-A to USB-C type. Samsung did not share whether the 25W charger used on the Note 10 will be supported. There is support for 15W wireless charging and 9W PowerShare for charging other accessories wirelessly.

A pair of stereo speakers are placed on the side with tuning from AKG. When in tablet mode, both audio from these speakers shoot to the side as found on the flagship tablets on the market.

In Malaysia Fold only supports 4G network through one nano -sized SIM. Other specifications are bluetooth 5.0 and WiFI 6 for those who want faster Internet speeds. Because of its open hinge design, the Fold officially does not have any waterproof or dustproof standards.

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Design And Use

Fold is the phone that has the most unique gadget design on the market right now because of its foldable screen. In a closed position, it reminds us of the Nokia 9500 Communicator phone marketed at the beginning of the last millennium. The Fold body and Nokia 9500 have similarities with an elongated, thick design; and equipped with a hinge in the middle. The difference is that the body of the device is made of glass with a frame; and “book bones” made of metal compared to the plastic on the Nokia 9500.

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ZTE Axon 30 Software

ZTE Axon 30 Software

It has much more stable ZTE Axon 30 software than the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G. Time lag problems don’t happen often, performance feels faster and more interesting to use. The software on these devices seems to be given more attention than their more expensive devices. The Snapdragon 870 is also fast enough to play first and there are no serious issues. The AnTuTu score of this device is 705347, while on Geekbench 5 it is 982/3127 for single-core and multi-core.

Throughout using the device, the time delay occurs only when the 120Hz screen setting is used on web browsers and Twitter in the long run. That was only for a moment and was forgivable. Plus on the screen of the device is this spacious and comprehensive design provides an excellent video viewing experience. No notches, no holes and no thick top bezel. What bothers me is that only the chin is a little thick.

What’s Interesting

The device is also comfortable in the hand, making long-term use for a device with a size approaching 7-inches this is good. Network usage is also not a problem. Quality phone calls, support VoLTE without any problems, stable 4G as well as the use of GPS is quite fast and accurate.

The device also supports 65W charging which can charge the device in a pretty fast time. ZTE did not specify a full chargeable period, but in our tests it was around 45 minutes only. For audio, this device has HiFi and DTS: X Ultra audio support which allows us to connect portable IEM and DAC/AMP accessories without any problems.

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What’s Not Interesting

Even so, the software of this ZTE gadget is a bit behind in terms of interface design which is not very modern and up -to -date. Then the security patch has also warned to update to the latest version; and this device cannot be updated even though we have checked and tried to download OTA. Others in our opinion it is more of a basic operating system; that simply works and can do what it is supposed to do.

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Like many other mid -range devices, the TCL PLEX design tries to be a premium device. From a distance it looks neat, unique and different from the others (supposedly). It is constructed of glass for the back and front panels, but the frame is of plastic material. This device undeniably does look different, but it really isn’t. The back design is similar to the Huawei Mate 10, but the camera arrangement is horizontal and straight instead of overlapping on top and down. On the back panel, despite the glass it feels like plastic and cheap. In the hands it does not feel like a premium gadget. If there are so many complaints about the design of this device.

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Why is it unique?

The color is blue with a rainbow sheen that doesn’t look too sloping like other devices. It looks neat and beautiful. The camera also has no bulges and is almost flat, so when placed on a flat surface such as a table – it does not tip over. Under the camera there is a fingerprint scanner and below it is the TCL logo. On the right side are the power button and the volume up button, while the left side is the Google Assistant call button or can be set with any app as well as with the SIM card slot.

At the top there is a microphone, an audio jack port and approaching the screen is an earpiece. Then at the bottom is a lattice of speakers and a USB-C port. On the screen it looks a bit sexy because, it doesn’t use any notches or thick forehead – instead it is a perforated screen design. Slightly disappointing that the chin on the device is thick and not fun to look at.

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Legion Duel 2 Battery

Legion Duel 2 Battery

Lenovo Legion Duel 2 battery is fairly large, which is 5500mAh with a dual-cell design. It supports 90W fast charging and is one of the earliest to use it. However, their 90W concept requires two cables connected to two charging ports for supposedly efficient Turbo Charge support.

But competitors like Xiaomi can only offer 120W without heating problems and only one port as well as one cable. So the use of two cables for charging this gives the perception that to take advantage of the whole features of this device is harassing.

90W is also not very fast, when compared to 120W. However, it is quite interesting and satisfying if you look at the competitors in the same category are still around 60W only. Battery life is also amazing. Light and unpretentious use can provide durability of up to over 9 hours SOT. If there are additional apps and more active social media, 7-8 hours of SOT is not a problem.

While if active with the camera, first, social media and more extreme the way to use endurance is around 5-6 hours. Even sometimes more than that. Rarely does a landmark device like this have long -lasting battery capability. A compliment to Lenovo is given.

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Usually if there is a gaming device entering the Malaysian market, it will definitely be a response. Asus ROG Phone to, Black Shark to or Nubia Red Magic – the response was warm. People who buy will share on social media, Facebook Groups and many more. But for Legion Phone Duel 2, it’s a little foreign and almost forgotten. To this day I have never met anyone using this device or seen people asking about this device.

Undoubtedly, this device is pretty awesome and compact with solid specs. Too bad the overall offer to make it a complete smartphone is unsatisfactory. The screen is good, the design is thick and heavy, the camera is also rate -style, the performance is smooth – only the problem of severe heating is unforgivable. The battery though durable, 90W using two cables is odd whereas competitors offer up to 120W with one cable is not a problem.

For a relatively new brand launching a premium gadget, continuing to sell at a price of around RM3000 to RM4000 is hard for people to accept. With an update out of nowhere, the length of time this device for it to last in the future is hard to see.

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Legion Duel 2 Benchmarks

Legion Duel 2 Benchmarks

Legion Duel 2 benchmarks and premiers. The first play on this device is really satisfying in terms of fast and great performance. Throughout play there will be no heating issues, no matter Asphalt 9 or PUBG Mobile with the highest graphics settings.

Furthermore there is the ability to activate Rampage mode which uses CPU and GPU power at the most optimal rate for faster performance. It overwrites the device chip so that it can operate at maximum speed.

The problem encountered when playing first is that the design is supposed to be ergonomic but makes the fingers feel sluggish easily and quickly when using the control buttons on the device. The fan will also make noise at a rather annoying level. However, playing with these extra controls is really interesting and feels unique because it has a pretty good feedback rate.

The benchmark score of this device is also beyond expectations. AnTuTu recorded a score of 818,572 which is a relatively high score. Not the usual height, but a bit crazy high. The score on Geekbench 5 is 1122/3620 for one axles and multi-terraces. It is also a pretty high score for the Snapdragon 888 chip.

Even so, this device doesn’t run away from a fairly severe heating problem. When high graphics and Rampage mode are used, the device will feel so hot that it is uncomfortable to hold. Big fingers will also easily touch the crazy hot and unforgivable back panel.

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Lenovo Gaming devices usually do not have such great and stately camera capabilities. Their focus is to play first until the bruises, so where is the time to take selfies, take pictures and so on. Only recently, Black Shark and Nubia or even Asus have shown improved camera quality on their gadget camera.

Legion is different and far behind because the camera on this device is rate -only and unsatisfactory. Just look at the overly basic app, it’s so basic it makes looking at this camera interface boring.

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Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Camera

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Camera

The 8MP Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite camera capability on the back and 2MP on the front is just modest. No zoom capabilities up to the moon, robust bokeh mode or video recording up to 8K. It is just a basic camera for a device for use in the classroom.

To record homework or teleconferencing it is sufficient. As with the Xiaomi Pad 5 reviewed earlier, the tablet gadget is indeed not famous for its photographic capabilities. So for that reason we are not too critical if the performance of the camera is not comparable to that of a smartphone.

The comment that can be given is that if there is good lighting the resulting picture is satisfactory. But if the hope of a bright light source is like the sky, other areas become pitch dark because the included HDR system is not very good. Noise can also be seen in dark areas. The color is also not so bright with the image is more bluish than the real situation. Lastly the quality of the selfie is enough to eat only with less sharp images. There is nothing to do here as the front camera is only 2MP.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite won’t win the 2021 best tablet award because of its not -so -powerful entry -class specs. But it is enough if the tablet to attend online classes that are still going on in schools in Malaysia until the end of this year. It meets the minimum requirements desired by caring parents who do not want to spend more for a tablet.

For entertainment, it can run the YouTube Kids application and various 2D games without any problems. Only when the first 3D wanted to be used, the Helio P22T processor chip used began to run into problems. But as we said at the beginning of this review, it may be necessary for parents who don’t want their child to install first things like Minecraft or PUBG Mobile that neglect.

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ZTE Axon 30 Telephones

ZTE Axon 30 Telephones

ZTE Axon 30 telephones and GPS is okay. The device also has a fairly stable and fast mobile data network connection. Throughout our use there were no problems for 4G as well as VoLTE connections all the time. WiFi usage is also quite good. Phone calls with this device are also quite bright and clear, although the device is a bit large in size it is not heavy and comfortable only.

The use of GPS is also not a problem on this device. It locks in locations quickly and is able to give intricacies well. Even when sharing a location on WhatsApp or using the Check In function on any social media app is also quite accurate.

The other big problem on this device other than the unstable MyOS 11 is, the battery isn’t very site resistant. The 144Hz or 120Hz setting seems to make no difference in terms of battery usage. Even the 90Hz setting has very little difference.

Throughout the use of this device no matter extreme or normal use, SOT is only around 4 hours to 5 hours only. Never did we receive up to over 5 hours. The 65W fast charging does help, but for a battery capacity approaching 5000mAh and a flagship gadget having a battery like this is unsatisfactory.

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There is no doubt that this ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G device attracts attention. It has a sexy design, solid specs, great camera and is a premium device. It’s a pity that the display is not very satisfactory for viewing content, the usual selfie camera, and the software that is very straightforward is a very frustrating thing for a device priced at RM3,299.

The advantages of this device on auto photography and videography mode, night mode, first play and audio only. Other of these devices have many shortcomings. The selling price like this is unforgivable, Xiaomi which has MIUI problems is not as bad as this device and they are forgivable because the selling price of the device is affordable.

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ZTE Axon 30 Camera

ZTE Axon 30 Camera

The ZTE Axon 30 camera is from Sony IMX686 64MP ultra wide angle sensor with OIS as well as f/1.6 lens aperture. Then accompanied by two more 64MP sensors from the Samsung GW3 sensor with a 120 -degree viewing angle and an aperture of f/2.2 as well as for portraits with an aperture of f/1.9. The last sensor is from an unknown supplier that offers an 8MP size telephoto periscope that has OIS, 5x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom.

The selfie results from this device are not the best. This 16MP sensor has mediocre results. If portrait mode it is a bit of a problem when the subject is wearing a hat. Even the portrait mode of this device is also not very neat compared to most other devices. If you take the normal mode, which is automatic and at night – it has a possible result.

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Auto mode and short range (non -macro) mode are seen among the best. Obviously here ZTE is giving full focus to their 64MP sensor. In terms of color and focus everything is excellent. Exposure to light, white color balance, details etc. are very well preserved. Focus is also fast.

Pretty vivid color results give each picture a realistic look. ZTE also offers a color mode to play with filters such as focusing on the subject there is color and the background becomes monochrome. This filter mode looks not very attractive to our eyes. But we are sure that some readers like the color profile like the picture below.

We start with the good ones first. MyOS 11 is the Android 11 -based operating system from the holiest Chinese gadget manufacturer we’ve ever come across. There are no fat apps already installed, so the gallery is Google Photos, the calculator is from Google, and the MyOS app itself is just a voice recorder, personal file manager, app for data transfer from one device to another, file manager and camera only.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

The OnePlus Nord 2 battery on premium OnePlus devices rarely disappoints. While not as great as in the heyday of this brand just becoming popular, but for today’s standards it is acceptable. Light use is not a problem if 90Hz is always active to receive SOT for up to over 7 hours. Even if the method of using 8 hours of SOT is controlled, there is no problem.

Heavier use will show durability reaching over 5 hours with primer, camera, benchmark test as well as hotspot use. OnePlus Nord 2 also comes with 65W fast charging support from Warp Charge technology that can charge 0% -100% in around 40 minutes only. Their claim of a 15 -minute charge a day I can confirm.

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What happened to this OnePlus Nord 2 device was the beginning where Oxygen OS and Color OS started to merge. An Oppo plus may really be a smart move by OnePlus to make updates faster. Now since they merged with Oppo, updates are getting slower than before. With a lot of use of the older and more stable Color OS elements, it could probably be the best gadget that OnePlus can offer.

Unfortunately, loyal OnePlus fans will probably be disappointed that many of the original Android elements are no longer visible. The minimalist design elements of the Oxygen OS are still there, but not much. This device may be suitable for users who just want to get to know OnePlus.

Good screen, trouble -free performance, acceptable camera as well as a pretty durable battery. The OnePlus Nord 2 is a pretty good premium mid -range device. The selling price above RM2000 for the base model is a bit expensive, when Xiaomi can offer much more robust specs at a more affordable price. But if you don’t want MIUI software problems, this Color OS -style Oxygen OS device might be for you.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Model

OnePlus Nord 2 Model

This 8/128 GB OnePlus Nord 2 model has an AnTuTu score of 565,208. While on Geekbench 5 it has a score of 821/2873 for single core and multi-core. This is a standard score for the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 with 8GB of memory. Because if there is 12GB and virtual RAM support it can reach up to 650-700 thousand.

Even so, this score hasn’t affected my usage since using the Oneplus gadget for about two weeks. In addition to the Oxygen OS problem which is similar to Color OS, real -time usage is smooth and satisfying.

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The main tr-camera configuration which includes Sony IMX766 50MP wide angle sensor, OIS + 8MP ultra wide angle sensor, EIS with 119.7 degree viewing angle + 2MP mono sensor is good configuration and practically each of these sensors is well used. Zoom support is up to 10x digital, supports multiple auto-focus modes, 30fps 4K video recording capability and AI Photo/Video Enhancement are adequate for devices in this class.

The selfie camera is a Sony IMX615 32MP sensor, EIS that supports 1080p 30fps recording. This OnePlus Nord 2 camera app is like a camera app on Oppo and Realme devices. It has a deeper beauty mode of its controls and there is also an AI mode.

The quality of the selfie camera is quite high quality and high resolution. It’s just that the color is a little faded than I expected. But the portrait mode is pretty neat and satisfying. The beauty mode is a must I test, because it’s the first time I’ve encountered this mode on a OnePlus device since the last time I used the OnePlus 8T which still doesn’t have this mode. The beauty mode is a bit weird, but it’s there if that’s what you want. As well as this beauty mode is also what makes some picture situations have more attractive colors.

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Xiaomi Pad 5 Conclusion

Xiaomi Pad 5 Conclusion

The Xiaomi Pad 5 conclusion is a tablet I can say is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The robust screen, powerful processor, still premium design and high -stamina battery are matched by heavy software as well as a lack of tablet -specific application support.

As a tablet for teleconferencing, PdPR and watching video content it is among the most fun I have ever reviewed. Despite the IPS LCD screen, it is very beautiful especially if watching Dolbu Vision content. Streaming 4K video from YouTube is also no problem as the Snapdragon 860 is quite powerful. Making it a tablet for the first time is also not disappointing as the majority of apps can run at high settings. Smooth but not a hot tray like the device with the Snapdragon 888.

But often times MIUI 12.5 provides a not -so -smooth usage experience. The 120Hz screen has ghosting issues and random drop frames. When many heavy applications are launched, a time lag can be felt while performing application switching. I am aware of all this because I am already accustomed to a smoother experience on Xiaomi gadget with 8GB and above.

This is an issue I did not experience on the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE reviewed earlier. Strange feature of adding RAM Memory Extension is not given to Pad 5 whereas memory addition can solve the issues I mentioned earlier.

Do I still recommend the Xiaomi Pad 5 to you? Yes if you are looking for a tablet to watch videos, firsts and online classes. Android needs to be more serious about offering apps for tablets if it wants to kick the iPad into a hole like Leonidas kicked a Farsi messenger. Granted the newly launched iPad Gen 9 is more expensive but if you really want a tablet, it’s hard to say no to Apple at the moment.


Beautiful design and premium feel.
The Snapdragon 860 processor is powerful for the majority of the first
The screen is also beautiful with Dolby Vision HDR support.
The audio is also steady.
Good battery life with fast charging.
There is Xiaomi Smart Pen stylus support.

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Tablet -specific software is still not enough.
6GB of RAM is not enough for a tablet.
No accessories for sale. Styluses and keyboards are not available in the Malaysian market.
The camera is just simple.

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Xiaomi Pad 5 Camera

Xiaomi Pad 5 Camera

The 13MP main Xiaomi Pad 5 camera is matched with the 8MP front camera. It is very refreshing to comment on a device that is only equipped with a basic camera because we now live in a world of smartphones having eyes which is almost as numerous as a spider.

Tablets are not devices used for photographic purposes and therefore the sensors used will be small as well as absent with extreme gimmicks. The quality of the pictures taken I can say will not qualify the Xiaomi Pad 5 to win any photography awards of 2021. It is too basic and its performance ala rate.

In good lighting situations the pictures taken are bright but the white balance is less balanced. Although HDR and AI -enabled modes the picture has the problem of overexposure sometimes and no dynamic range in the same situation. Camera software is inconsistent. In a slightly dark state, it can be seen that noise begins to appear in the picture.

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When the subject is placed near the lens, again the white balance is less than satisfactory. See a picture of rice joined to a plate in one even color. The image is also less sharp. Color reproduction is also less pronounced. I can say more similar to the camera performance of Xiaomi’s entry level gadget.

I would like to give Xiaomi a chance; as this is an attempt to launch the first tablet for a long time. They have to train before they can walk and then accelerate like Usain Bolt. But at the moment the software on the Xiaomi Pad 5 needs to be much improved; before it can provide real competition to the Apple iPad family.

Overall the Xiaomi Pad 5 still feels like using a Xiaomi phone with a larger screen. There are distinct pros and cons that will test users depending on their level of patience.

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Xiaomi Pad 5 Body

Xiaomi Pad 5 Body

In addition to the ‘face’, the Xiaomi Pad 5 body will also attract attention. With a flat side it feels sturdy in the hand. The metal frame feels and looks so premium that it is able to compete with the iPad Pro which is sold at a price that is many times higher. It’s not even an exaggeration to say the Pad 5 is a clone to the iPad Pro just without Face ID.

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The large power button has a flat surface as if by supporting a fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately this is not true at all because the Pad 5 only supports a 2D face scanning system. No additional features of the screen or side fingerprint scanner. This is a Xiaomi austerity measure that can be seen positively or negatively depending on personal preference. I have no issues with no other biometric scanning system because I really don’t use it on other tablets at home.

The audio adjustable buttons are also sturdy on the top of the tablet. Four speaker lattice holes are placed on the sides (two on each side) that support Dolby Atmos audio. At the bottom there is also a USB-C charging port. While the tablet’s body is big enough, the Xioami doesn’t include an audio jack or infrared transmitter A rather odd option but the world has indeed shifted away from wired audio accessories and iOT -connected devices not requiring a remote control.

What’s a little less fun is the camera hump which although not that high still; makes the tablet less comfortable to place on the workbench surface. Even the risk of a scratched lens is quite high; because Xiaomi does not equip the camera with a Gorilla Glass DX protective lens. Overall the body gadget design of the Pad 5 is very good, comparable to the more premium and the most flagship tablets, but importantly does not feel or look cheap.

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