Realme GT Master Edition

Realme GT Master Edition

Realme has come up with several new offerings under the Realme GT Master Edition collection and one of them is the Realme GT Master Edition. As many know, smartphones under this series often feature attractive finishes inspired from everyday items in our lives. Not only that, it also received a touch of contemporary style from the famous Japanese designer, Nauto Fukusawa.

For this time, Realme and Fukusawa are seen taking inspiration from their suitcases. He said, it is specially created to cure your longing to travel. Furthermore, the tourism sector is now unable to operate rapidly in the wake of the pandemic that has had a profound effect on it. With such a concept, it is at least able to cure longing while waiting for the situation to return to normal.

Well, no need for a lengthy preface. Going back to the original purpose of this article for which we will share the full review for the Realme GT Master Edition. What is the point of interest in it? What are the significant shortcomings that you need to know? Is it an attractive smartphone, or is it just an external factor that looks beautiful? Keep reading to find out more. This phone just feels like a very premium phone that you can only get for super expensive price.

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For starters, let’s talk about its design aspects first. The Realme GT Master Edition we received is Voyager Gray. What’s unique, it uses a gray Vegan leather finish on the back panel. This means, it is able to provide good comfort despite being held for a long time. Not only that, the grip on it also feels really good. Most importantly, such a finish is actually able to reduce the effects of dirt on this Realme gadget itself

Nova 8 Night Mode

Nova 8 Night Mode

Nova 8 Night mode is one of the things that Huawei should improve on middle -class devices. If other devices can do it, what is Huawei’s reason? Although the noise effect is not very visible, but the post-process softens the picture result and makes the result not very good with a slight orange or sometimes too bluish color. What’s great is, the night mode of this device doesn’t just increase the brightness level.

The video recording of the Nova 8 device is still the same as it used to be. Any Huawei device in the same category will have not-so-good quality. The color profile is interesting, but if you look closely it has a slight snagging effect. Most interesting is, the video recording of this device’s selfie camera and its microphone are of high quality. So for use when working from home and teleconferencing sessions, this device is able to handle smoothly and great.

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A middle class gadget like this should already have a magnifier and stereo sound. Unfortunately, it only offers mono speakers. Yes, the quality is good – but if not balanced it’s a bit weird. Throughout my use, I used TWS alone a lot. One good thing about using a device without GMS is, a music streaming app that doesn’t require a license like DRM. Tidal, Apple Music, etc. can be used on the device very well.

One drawback that this device lacks other than stereo audio is the latest Hi Histen system from Huawei available on the MatePad 11. Harmony OS 2.0 on their tablet has support for spatial or surround audio mimicry no matter what audio accessory is used. If that feature is available on this device, it will definitely hook you all.

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Huawei Nova 8 Change

Huawei Nova 8 Change

Existing Huawei users will be happy with this Huawei Nova 8 change, as it is very comfortable to use as well as convenient. The settings are not so confusing and more organized as well as with the icon design and good use of colors – it gives a soothing feeling.

Although the initial performance is not very smooth, the overall performance of this device is very good. Time lag problems only happen occasionally and it is standard for such a device. While there is no GMS, the device can be used as usual without any problems – if you can trust the favorite Petal Search app that sometimes displays results from suspicious sources.

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Best Thing

There are two things I love most about this device. First the use of Petal Maps is getting better; and there is little experience as if using a map from Apple. Although the name of the location is sometimes not very accurate; and some are misspelled, the intricate instructions in a voice; as if this robot is still able to show the right path.

The second is Celia which mean still with the Malay language. It can listen to my instructions well and quickly and do those instructions very accurately. With the Celia progressing, it’s no surprise that Huawei is ready to bring in more devices. Celia’s voice still needs to be fixed; as it reminds me of Siri’s voice of a bygone era – that of a robot trying to mimic humans.

Since this is a Huawei gadget, functions such as Smart Collaboration are also supported for fast connection and tethering between all their products. I’m currently using the Huawei FreeBuds 4i and MatePad 11 and believe it or not, I’m pretty excited about the way it tracks all the devices and accessories as well as how fast it connects. Oh yes, this article is also written on Huawei laptops; and the file drag and drop function is also very well supported.

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Galaxy Z Flip3 Battery

Galaxy Z Flip3 Battery

The 3300 mAh Galaxy Z Flip3 battery is matched to a 6.7 ″ 120Hz screen. On paper this is a very troubling combination and it is manifested to a disappointing real world performance. In normal use I was only able to get SOT up to 6.5 hours only with the device lasting for 19 hours. A longer usage life of around 31 hours can be enjoyed but with SOT around 4 hours only. The most notable drawback of the Z Flip3 is the same battery as happened on the Z Flip 5G last year.

The supported charging system is only 15W which takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. This is a slower charging time; than the 80 minutes that the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a 5000 mAh battery can do. The use of last year’s camera system I can forgive; but the small battery size with slow charging by 2021 standards is disappointing

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is this year’s most affordable foldable screen device with prices starting from RM3999 which is 32% cheaper than last year’s Z Flip (RM5888) selling price and only slightly more expensive than the Galaxy S21 (RM3699) launched yesterday Last January.

With a relatively cheaper price than other flagship gadget more conventional designs, I feel the Z Flip3 is the long-awaited foldable device. Not too expensive, has the same performance as a conventional device and has a design that is sure to impress.

Samsung proved that devices with such a design can be offered at a more reasonable price. After this, cheaper devices will definitely appear on the market because this is what happened before. The Z Flip3 is a device that I feel has finally started a revolution in the use of foldable devices.


There are no real competitors to the Z Flip3 but I feel the Sony Xperia 5 III; and iPhone 12 Mini are compatible as all three are compact in size; equipped with a 12MP camera and have a relatively small battery capacity.

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Galaxy Z Flip3 Screen

Galaxy Z Flip3 Screen

I want to touch a little bit on the Galaxy Z Flip3 screen. It is interesting that various widgets and applications can be controlled using it but it cannot be used to directly reply to messages. If a WhatsApp message is received for example, you can read it but to reply the screen still needs to be opened. This is the most notable shortcoming as this feature has been supported on the Motorola RAZR since last year again.

The easier feeling of hunting down enemies with the fingers is no longer the cause of the enemy disappearing from view.

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There are no surprises in direct use. Everything worked as expected. Samsung includes a variety of additional features such as control of SmartThings-connected devices directly from the notification tray, launching two apps with different account logs, locking apps with a biometric system and a mode for kids. In short what you can enjoy on the Galaxy S21 Ultra can also be enjoyed on the Z Flip3. There is no caste difference between these two flagship devices except there is no S Pen and Flex Mode stylus support that is exclusive to Samsung’s foldable gadget at the moment.

Scrolling feels smooth because of the 120Hz screen used. When running the finger on the middle part of the screen; can still be felt the drain that exists in the middle. It’s no longer scary for me having already reviewed all the foldable devices marketed before.

So is there a difference using a foldable screen phone? Actually none and this is what should be the case for devices with the Z Flip3 form factor. It’s just a candbybar phone that can be folded to have a smaller size. No awkwardness except having to get used to a higher -than -usual screen.

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